How To Hide Dryer Vent Hose (5+ Ways Explained)

Hide the dryer vent hose inside the faux wood beam. It is a bit expensive but looks amazing to suit any raw industrial style house or a farmhouse.

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Laundry homes are incomplete without a dryer, and a dryer includes its vent hose. However, having a dreary and unfinished laundry home is not necessary.

You may hide the dryer vent hose and give your laundry room a new look adding to your style.

Hiding a dryer vent hose is not easy due to its high temperatures, size, and regular necessity.

Depending on the dryer vent types, dryer vent hoses reach average temperatures between 120-170 degrees Fahrenheit.

The temperature becomes higher if something blocks the vent or lacks fresh air. It is crucial to ensure that nothing touches your dryer vent hose.

Thus, purchasing a heat shield is a good idea so that the vent hose is not in contact with other objects.

Debris and lint accumulate in the hose after use, and the risk of fire and temperature is high.

The recommendation is to clean the hose and vent twice or once a year if the laundry room has a burning smell.

Keep these things in mind as you consider hiding your dryer vent hose. Ensure the access is easy to ensure good cleaning.

Hide Dryer Vent Hose

10 different ways to hide dryer vent hose

Behind a curtain

  1. Hiding the dryer vent hose behind a curtain is an elegant and simple solution. It is easy to remove and install for cleaning and servicing the machine.
  2.  The curtain must be far enough to avoid contacting the dryer vent hose. Install the curtain above the dryer by attaching it to a curtain rod.
  3. Ensure the clearance space and for safety, keep a few centimeters distance. Mark on the shelves or ceiling the distance and drill the curtain rod. Choose a curtain matching the style.
  4. Use a tension rod and hang the curtain. The advantage is that tension rods do not need drilling and are easy to remove if you consider redecorating or cleaning.

Use Faux wood beams

It offers a rustic look, and you get to hide the dryer vent hose inside the faux wood beam.

It is a bit expensive but looks amazing to suit any raw industrial style house or a farmhouse.

These faux wood beams come in different sizes and finishes. Buy large enough to fit safely around the hose. 

You can also use a floating hollow shelf to get a similar look.

Remove the shelf one end for the hose to enter, and it will stay in hiding behind the dryer.

Hide in cabinets

Hiding the dryer vent hose in cabinets provides enough storage space. It is the right place to store towels, cleaning supplies, and laundry detergent.

You may cut a hole to run the hose through the cabinets. Use a metal-circular-saw drill bit to cut the cabinet material.

It is an apt solution as it runs next to the machine.

If the dryer vent hose runs vertically above the machine, hang the cabinet on the wall. You may cover the dryer vent hose space and put it to other uses.

A Removable Wood Slat Panel

Hiding the dryer vent hose in the wood slat panels is a way of covering the hose.

An added benefit of the wood slat panel is to hang decorations or pictures on the slats.

If you are fortunate and your laundry room receives good light, you may use hooks to hang panels and more greenery to your home.

Cover with large items

One of the easiest solutions to hide the dryer vent hose is to cover the exposed pipes in large items such as baskets or bins.

You may build a shelf, use the pipe covers and hide them. You can also place the pipes in a box and cover them with covers.

Hide in a Muslin sack

Hiding the dryer vent hose for a new one maintains a balance in the décor.

However, to hide an old dryer vent hose that is in use for occasional use, you may pack it completely.

Alternatively, if you wish to seal the dryer vent hose off for the time being for a long time means, you can disconnect the flexible exhaust dryer pipe from the wall and pack it with fiberglass insulation.

Enclose the insulation in a small muslin sack and place the dryer vent hose. It will be inside until the subsequent use.

Paint the vent hose

Giving the vent hose an easy makeover is possible. Bear in mind the vent is prone to mildew and is in a high-humidity location.

You must consider it as you choose your paint.

Select a color accenting your house’s base or trim color and choose a light hue to keep the dryer vent cool, even on sunny days.

Hang artwork

If the aim is to hide the dryer vent hose, hang artwork by screwing a hook on the cabinet underside, keeping it around 10 inches from the wall.

Hang a picture matching the room décor and use twine. Adjust the twine length to hang the picture and hide the vent hoses tactfully.

Use Zip Ties

The zip tie’s expandable configuration and flexible nature allow installation or modification without wall penetration.

Buy jumbo zip ties and place the dryer vent hose in a corner behind the machine.

You can also cover the hose with a fabric of your choice. Measure and cut the fabric so that there is enough room to tuck it behind the cover.

You may slightly pull the hose cover and place it over the hoses. Wrap it on the cover and push it against the wall.

Curtain as a backdrop

Hanging a curtain to act as a backdrop is best when it is a colorful curtain.

The curtain should fall and act as a backdrop, and the hoses should hide behind the curtain.

Concealing the entire unit is possible, but using it as the appliances backdrop offers a new approach.

It eliminates moving the curtain aside while accessing the dryer or washer.

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