10 Awesome Ways To Hide Shelf Holes (Within 5 Min.)

Spackling the holes with Polyfilla is worth the effort. It makes the holes completely disappear. Applying the filler using your fingertip is necessary to work within the hole.

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Cabinets and bookcases, everything has shelf holes, allowing you to move your shelves comfortably. They are super useful, and they leave dark, unsightly holes.

There is no claim that the cabinets or bookcases are high-class furniture pieces. They are useful and functional.

Shelves are a fascinating way of adding lots of storage, and it does not take up floor space. Nevertheless, these shelves are open and soon look cluttered.

One can prevent it. One can hide the clutter. It will also maximize the storage and look neat.

You may have to try a few ways to catch your drift of hiding the shelf holes to look good.

It may be a small work or sometimes take a longer time to patch the shelf holes.

You lose nothing but a few hours of work, but you get those you want, hiding the shelf holes.

The row of holes in the shelf lets you adjust the heights of your shelf up and down, anytime, as you like. They serve a practical purpose, but in an ugly way.

Hide Shelf Holes

10 different ways to hide shelf holes

Spackle Polyfilla

It is about hiding the shelf holes. Spackling the holes with Polyfilla is worth the effort. It makes the holes completely disappear.

Applying the filler using your fingertip is necessary to work within the hole.

Then use a scraper-like thing to level the filling. Keeping a damp cloth ready to wipe and to get rid of the excess fillers around the hole immediately helps.

You must clean it before it dries on. It offers a smooth satin finish, and it is not toothy or rough, either.

To add safety, give a topcoat matt finish with sealer spray so that it fixes and protects the paint.

Cover caps

These cover caps are the right choice to fulfill what you are looking for. You can get these in dark brown or white color and cover the annoying small holes.

These peg holes do not need you to spend a lot. The Variera cover caps are helpful.

You may buy a pack of 20 for anyone having cabinets or a microwave cabinet.

It will keep the unsightly holes out of sight.

Insert a pin to remove them from the plug center such that it points to the ceiling, and then pull it backward. Thus, there is minimal damage.

Colored putty stick

Buy matching putty stick color and rub it in the cabinet holes. Do the smoothening with a solvent rag so that there are no bumps.

These putty sticks are similar to crayons, and you need a couple of them if there are many holes.

The colored putty sticks are the ones that cabinetmakers buy at hardware stores.

Matching paint

The simplest is to paint the holes in a matching color or the same shade. They are easy, fast, and cheap work.

If your shelf is in common colors, there is no issue with getting matching paint.

However, if you have chosen some unique color, get contrast paint to make the shelf holes look distinctly beautiful.

Plastic screw covers

The shelf holes plugged with plastic screw covers do not consume much time.

You may paint them the screw covers if they are different from the shelf color. Matching the screw covers is essential so that it looks uniform.

Double-sided tape

Hiding the shelf holes appears to be a small job and unnecessary. However, it becomes important when one wishes to hide the shelf holes.

Use a double-sided tape and match it with horizontal or vertical beading. You can also buy a contrast color tape.

Peg hole plugs

People who dislike the empty holes on the shelf may always buy peg hole plugs online or from the local home store.

You can also make your peg hole plugs using wood. There are peg hole cutters available to create your plugs.

Drywall spackle

Using a drywall spackle, one can fill the shelf holes in each section. One may work from top to bottom, filling one row and the next.

The drywall spackle is chalk-like and soft. The spackle may be dyed using matching acrylic paints.

Wax filler crayon

People disliking the shelf holes may fill them with wax filler crayon used in furniture and fill the holes. 

It may be applied using fingers, but a putty knife is truly helpful.

You get to apply small spackling to the holes section. You can use plenty of spackling as you wish and push into the shelf holes. It is effective.

Add curtains

Adding curtains in front of shelves helps hide the holes effortlessly. Curtains are not only for doors and windows; they hide the shelves’ clutter.

If you only want to hide shelf holes, you can install a spring rod across the shelf width using curtain ring flips.

Clip-on a fabric as a hemmed piece offering cover to the storage.

This is perfect for accessing the shelf easily, and as you leave them open, ensure the shelf contents are not a mess.

adding trim

The shelf holes can hide by adding trim. Install the trims to the exact size so that it appears as a decoration and an added element of style. 

Even hanging a picture covers the shelf parts largely.

Adding baskets

Adding baskets matching the color of the shelves is an easy way of adding storage and keeping the mess out of sight.

The baskets are in different sizes and styles that you can find to suit your space.

If you are keen on blending the basket to the shelf, spray paint the basket to the shelf’s color. It will look like it was a part of it and not an addition.

A caution: People wishing to have the baskets on the shelves to hide shelf holes should not leave the baskets empty,

Especially if they have cats as pets, because the cats will use it permanently as a hiding spot.

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