How To Hide Phone During Exam (5+ Ways Explained)

While cheating on exams is not recommended and can lead to serious consequences, here are five ways people have attempted to hide phones during exams: wearing clothing with discreet pockets, placing the phone on their lap, hiding it in a pencil case after taking notes pictures, concealing it in food items, or using a Bluetooth spy earpiece. It’s essential to follow academic integrity and adhere to exam regulations.

Exams are a time of intense focus and concentration.

During exams, it is essential to remain focused and unencumbered by distractions.

Unfortunately, smartphones can be a major distraction, proving to be a major stumbling block in the exam hall.

This article will provide tips on how to hide your smartphone during an exam, so you can stay focused and get the best possible results.

The best way to prevent distractions during your exam is to find a way to hide your phone.

This can be done in a number of different ways.

You can store your phone in a bag or pocket, or even wrap it in a piece of cloth or paper.

Alternatively, you can ask the invigilator if you can put your phone in a secure place during the exam.

No matter which method you choose, make sure you create a space where your phone will remain out of sight and inaccessible.

Following these tips will help you to stay focused and achieve the best results possible during your exams.

How To Hide Phone During Exam (5+ Ways Explained)

Prepare Ahead of Time

To ensure preparation ahead of time, it is essential to first get a phone case that is tailored to the phone’s exact model. In addition, applying strong adhesives to the case will secure the phone and keep it protected. Finally, it is important to check the phone for any unusual noises or vibrating, to make sure everything is running smoothly before putting it in the case.

Get a Phone Case

Having the necessary tools to repair a phone is essential, but there is one more step that should not be overlooked. Before beginning any repair work, it is important to get a phone case. Not only can a phone case offer protection from bumps and scratches, but it can also help keep dust and dirt from getting inside the phone.

When it comes to finding the right phone case, it is essential to choose one that fits the phone properly and offers adequate protection. Many cases are made from materials like plastic or silicone, which can provide a good balance of strength and flexibility. For extra protection, some cases also have extra layers of shock-absorbing foam. Additionally, anyone who wants to personalize their phone should look for a case that comes in a wide range of colors and designs.

Finally, it is important to make sure that the case is securely attached to the phone. Many cases come with adhesive strips or use clips to secure the case to the phone. It is important to use enough adhesive or clips to ensure that the case will stay in place even when the phone is dropped. Checking to make sure the case is secure is a crucial step before beginning any repair work.

Use Strong Adhesives

Having taken the necessary steps to protect your phone, the next step is to ensure that it is securely held in place. For this, the use of strong adhesives is recommended. Not only will this ensure that your device is firmly secured, but it will also reduce the risk of accidental drops.

When applying adhesives, make sure to use ones that are specifically designed for the material of your phone. Some glues may not be suitable and can cause damage. Additionally, be sure to apply it evenly on the surface, avoiding any bubbles and wrinkles. Doing so will ensure that your phone is held firmly and securely.

Another approach is to purchase an adhesive phone case. This is a great choice for those looking for a quick and easy solution. Most cases come with a pre-installed adhesive, so all you need to do is attach it to your phone. Furthermore, these cases are usually made of durable materials, so you can be sure that your device is protected.

Check Your Phone for any Noises

Armed with a solid phone case and strong adhesives, it’s now time to check your phone for any noises. Before you make any calls, take a few moments to listen carefully to your device. Does it make any unusual sounds when you press the buttons? Does it emit any static or interference? You should be able to hear all of the expected tones and other sounds that come with using your device.

You can also check the microphone and speaker of your phone for any noises. Simply place your phone in a quiet environment and speak into the microphone. If you hear any strange noises coming from the speaker, then you may need to replace the microphone or speaker. Additionally, if you have any headphones, plug them in and listen to any sounds coming from the device.

Finally, check the volume levels of your phone. Does the volume seem too low or too high? If so, try adjusting the levels until they sound just right. If the volume levels are all correct, but you still hear strange noises, then you may need to take your phone in for servicing. Having a phone that works correctly is essential for making successful calls, so it’s important to check for any potential problems.

Choose the Right Location

When selecting a location, it is essential to ensure it is hidden from plain sight and has a low risk of detection. An ideal spot should be accessible, yet remain discreet. Careful consideration should be taken when deciding on a location in order to ensure the utmost privacy.

Choose a Place that is out of Sight

When planning a surprise, it’s essential to choose a place that is out of sight. Even if the surprise is planned for an outdoor space, picking a location that is obscured from view will help keep it a secret. For example, if planning a surprise picnic in the park, look for a spot that is tucked away in a corner behind a tree or bushes. This will help keep the surprise from being ruined by someone walking by.

When selecting a hiding spot, consider the terrain. Is there a hill or a large rock formation that could provide a good view of the area while still providing a secret place to hide? If indoors, look for rooms or hallways that are out of the way. If the surprise is being set up in a public place, such as a mall, look for a spot that is less conspicuous, like an unoccupied restroom or an empty store.

Finally, consider how well the secret spot can be disguised. Is there furniture or other objects that can be used to conceal the surprise? Are there decorations or items that can be used to create an atmosphere that will add to the surprise? Selecting a place that is out of sight will help keep a surprise a secret until the big reveal.

Avoid Places with a High Risk of Detection

Making sure you are not detected is one of the most important parts of planning any successful mission. When scouting out the perfect location for your mission, it is important to consider the risk of being discovered. Some places may have a higher chance of detection than others, and this should be taken into account when making your decision.

When scouting a location, be sure to avoid any places that have a high risk of detection. This includes places with CCTV cameras or public surveillance, such as government buildings, shopping malls, or police stations. Additionally, any place with a large number of people or a lot of foot traffic should also be avoided.

Finally, be sure to check the area for any security guards or public safety personnel. While it is impossible to guarantee that you will not be detected, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and look out for any potential signs that your mission may be discovered. By being mindful of the risk of detection, you can help ensure that your mission is successful.

Choose a Place that is Accessible

When it comes to selecting a location for a clandestine meeting, accessibility is key. The location should be easily accessible to all meeting participants, particularly if they must travel some distance. A place that is easy to reach and provides a private area to meet helps to ensure the meeting can take place without interruption. It is important to consider the physical access to the meeting location, as well as access to parking.

A meeting spot that is close to public transportation is ideal, as it allows for participants to easily travel to the location. Furthermore, it is important to look for a location that has ample parking and is well lit. This helps to ensure that meeting participants feel safe as they arrive and depart. It is also important to consider the terrain around the meeting location. If the spot is located in an area with steep slopes or rough terrain, it can be difficult for participants to reach the location.

Finally, it is important to select a meeting spot that is easy to identify. A spot with distinguishing features can help ensure that all participants can locate the area with ease. Additionally, a spot that is well known or familiar to all meeting participants can help to reduce confusion and ensure that everyone arrives at the right place.

Use Electronic Devices

To utilize electronic devices, investing in a Bluetooth tracker can be a great option to help you keep track of your belongings. Additionally, a portable speaker can be a life-saver to create an instant party atmosphere. And for added security, camouflaging your phone in a disguised case is an excellent way to prevent attention from wandering eyes.

Invest in a Bluetooth Tracker

In addition to carefully choosing the right location, it is also important to consider the technology you use while you are there. Investing in a Bluetooth tracker is a great way to ensure that your items stay safe.

Bluetooth trackers are small, discreet devices that can be attached to personal items that are easily lost, such as keys, wallets, and phones. They work by connecting to a Bluetooth-enabled device, such as a smartphone, and can be used to locate the lost item. These trackers are also incredibly affordable, making them an easy choice for anyone looking for a way to keep their belongings safe.

The tracker will alert the user when an item is being moved, so that they can take immediate action to retrieve it. This is especially helpful in crowded environments, such as a crowded shopping mall or concert, where it can be difficult to locate missing items. The user can also set up a virtual boundary, so that they will be notified if the item moves outside the boundary. This is a great way to ensure that your items remain secure, even when you are not actively monitoring them.

Consider Using a Portable Speaker

Moving on from choosing the right location, consider investing in a portable speaker. These devices provide an easy way to take music and other audio with you on the go. Not only do they create a unique ambiance wherever you are, they also allow you to share your sounds with those around you. With the right speaker, you can turn any outdoor space or living room into a concert venue.

Portable speakers come in all shapes and sizes, enabling a variety of different experiences. From small and lightweight speakers to larger and more powerful ones, you’ll find something that fits your needs. They come in a range of colors and styles, ensuring that you can find something that fits your aesthetic. Some even have additional features such as voice control or wireless connectivity.

No matter where you are, a portable speaker can turn a mundane moment into something special. Make sure to take the time to find the right one for you and your needs. With the right speaker, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite tunes and audio wherever you go.

Use a Disguised Phone

With the right location chosen, it is time to consider the electronic devices that can help make your event a success. One of the most useful items is a disguised phone.

A disguised phone can help you keep your event secure while ensuring that you stay in contact with all the people involved in the event. The disguise ensures that your phone won’t be noticed by anyone who doesn’t know what it is, so you won’t draw any unwanted attention. It also helps you maintain a secure connection with the rest of the team.

This type of phone is more reliable than a regular phone. It has a longer battery life, so it can last all day without needing to be recharged. It also has a better range, so it can be used in areas where there is no cell service. Finally, it is more secure than a regular phone since it is encrypted and is more difficult to intercept by hackers.

A disguised phone is a great way to keep your event running smoothly while ensuring that you stay connected with everyone involved. No one will even know that you are using it, so you can use it without fear of being noticed.

Wear Appropriate Clothing

Styling for any occasion should begin with appropriate clothing. For a casual look, a baggy shirt gives a relaxed and comfortable feel, while pants with deep pockets provide convenience and style. To complete the ensemble, choose loose fitting shoes for a classic, effortless look.

Wear a Baggy Shirt

Following the use of electronic devices, it is important to wear the appropriate clothing and accessories. Wearing a baggy shirt is essential for comfort and convenience.

A baggy shirt is a must-have when using electronic devices. It provides ample space for the user to move freely and comfortably while using the device. The loose-fitting fabric allows the user to keep their arms and upper body unfettered, which makes it easier to use the device. Additionally, a baggy shirt enables easy access to pockets, enabling the user to carry the necessary items with them without feeling weighed down.

A baggy shirt is also aesthetically pleasing, as it allows for a casual and relaxed look. It’s a great option for everyday use, as it can be paired with a variety of bottoms and accessories. The user can also choose from a variety of colors and patterns to match their personal style.

In conclusion, wearing a baggy shirt is beneficial when using electronic devices. Not only does it provide comfort and convenience, but it also looks great. It’s an ideal choice for everyday use and provides plenty of options for the user to express their personal style.

Wear Pants with Deep Pockets

Switching gears from electronic devices, it is equally important to wear appropriate clothing for a day of work. One item that can be incredibly helpful are pants with deep pockets. Coming with the convenience of storing many items, these pants can help you stay organized and hands-free throughout the day.

Pants with deep pockets come in various styles and sizes, perfect for any outfit. These pockets can be found on the side, front, and back of the pants, allowing you to organize your items with ease. Whether you are carrying your phone, a notepad, or a set of keys, these pockets are the perfect size for a variety of items. Not to mention, they are usually made with durable material, so you can be sure that your items are secure.

Additionally, they are a great way to stay organized and free up your hands. With a deep pocket, you can easily store items and prevent them from getting lost in the bottom of your bag. This is a great alternative to carrying a bag or purse, all while looking stylish and professional. So, whether you are dressing for the office or for a day of errands, pants with deep pockets can be an excellent choice.

Choose Loose Fitting Shoes

Having discussed the importance of electronic devices, let’s move on to clothing. Choosing the right clothing is important, particularly when it comes to shoes. When it comes to shoes, loose fitting shoes are the way to go.

Loose fitting shoes allow for the feet to move freely while walking, running, and engaging in other activities. This is important as it helps to reduce the risk of blisters and other foot problems. Additionally, loose fitting shoes provide better comfort and breathability which allows the feet to remain cool and dry.

By wearing loose fitting shoes, the feet are less likely to become cramped or strained from the tightness of the shoe. This helps to reduce the risk of injury, while also providing support and cushioning to the wearer. Furthermore, this ensures that the feet can move freely and naturally, without restriction.

In conclusion, it is important to choose loose fitting shoes for the purpose of comfort and support. Not only will this reduce the risk of injury, but it will also ensure that the feet remain cool and comfortable while engaging in physical activity.

Utilize Your Surroundings

The surrounding environment can be used to help decrease the temptation of using a phone. Placing the phone behind a book, hiding it under a chair, or stowing it away under a desk are all effective ways to stay away from phone distractions. With a little creativity, it’s easy to utilize the environment to help stay focused.

Place Your Phone Behind a Book

Following the necessary steps to blend into your environment and wear appropriate clothing, utilizing your surroundings is another great way to remain undetected while using your phone in a public space. One such way is to place your phone behind a book. This technique is great for those who want to conceal their device and can be used while traveling or studying.

When placing your phone behind a book, it’s important to choose the right book. A larger book with a thick spine is ideal because it can house a phone without drawing too much attention. Furthermore, it’s important to choose a book with a dark cover since lighter colors stand out. Positioning the book so that the spine faces outwards makes it easier for you to access your phone without being noticed.

Once you have selected the appropriate book, slide your device between the pages at the center of the book. This is the optimal spot since it makes it difficult to be seen. Also, make sure your phone is set to silent mode before you place it in the book. This will ensure that your phone won’t draw attention if it starts to vibrate while you’re using it. With these tips, you can easily place your phone behind a book and remain undetected while using it in a public space.

Hide Your Phone Under a Chair

The sun casts a warm glow on the room as you tiptoe around the corner, phone in hand. After taking a few moments to survey your surroundings, you spot an ideal hiding place. With a quick glance to make sure no one is watching, you bend down and slip your phone underneath a chair. You stand back up with a sense of accomplishment, feeling confident that your phone will remain securely hidden from view.

The chair is made of sturdy wood, with a deep mahogany finish. The legs are thick and strong, capable of supporting a great amount of weight. Its cushioned seat is covered in a soft velvet fabric that shimmers in the light. Your phone fits perfectly underneath, nestled among the dense coils of the cushion springs.

You take a step back and admire your work. It feels good to know that your phone is securely hidden away, tucked away in a place where no one can find it. You feel a sense of peace knowing that it is safe from prying eyes. With one last glance to make sure everything is in place, you turn and head off to your next activity.

Place Your Phone Under a Desk

By being mindful of your surroundings and utilizing them to your advantage, you can keep your phone hidden and secure. One creative way to do this is to place your phone under a desk. With its low height and dark confines, a desk is the perfect hiding spot for a phone. Its deep crevices provide ample room for your device to fit snugly, without any risk of it being found or disturbed.

The desk’s sturdy construction also offers a layer of protection against any potential accidents or mishaps. Whether it be a spilled drink or a toddler’s curiosity, your phone will be safe underneath. The desk’s solid frame shields your device from any possible harm, allowing you to relax and enjoy the moment, without any worries.

What’s more, the desk’s height works to your advantage. Its eye-level placement creates a natural barrier between you and your device. As your phone is tucked away and out of sight, it can be easy to forget that it’s even there. This helps to prevent any unnecessary distractions and keeps your attention focused on the task at hand.

Consider Using a Diversion

To consider using a diversion, one strategy is to distract the proctor. This could be done by making eye contact, asking a question, or smiling. Another way to divert attention is to create a distraction in the room. This could be achieved by tapping on the desk or dropping something on the floor. Finally, a decoy phone can be used to divert the proctor’s attention away from the test taker.

Distract the Proctor

As the test begins, it is important to remember that the proctor is just as important to consider as the environment. After all, the proctor has the power to make or break the test taking experience. So it is essential to have a plan to distract the proctor.

One approach is to engage the proctor in conversation. If the proctor offers an opening for dialogue, politely take advantage of it. Ask questions about the test, the proctor’s experience, or something else. The proctor may even be willing to provide you with a little extra information that can be useful in taking the test. Just make sure that the conversation does not take away from the time available to take the test.

Another approach is to remain engaged with the proctor as much as possible. Smile and nod when the proctor talks, offer helpful comments and questions when appropriate, and make sure to thank the proctor for their time and effort. This will help to ensure that the proctor feels appreciated and will be more likely to provide you with the best test taking experience possible. By engaging the proctor in conversation and showing appreciation, you can create a distraction for the proctor and increase your chances of success on the test.

Create a Distraction in the Room

When it comes to creating a distraction in the room, you can use a variety of techniques. One of the most popular is to trigger a noise that will cause the proctor to look away momentarily and then quickly return to the task at hand. This could be as simple as dropping a pencil or tapping your foot. You can also use an object to make a noise, like a small paper ball thrown at the wall. If you have a pet in the room, you can use them to make a noise, like a bark or a meow.

Another way to create a distraction is to move around the room. If the proctor is watching you closely, you can move around the room to create a distraction. This will cause the proctor to shift their attention away from you and onto something else. You can also use this technique to move closer to your phone or other items that you may need to use during the test.

Finally, you can also use people in the room to create a distraction. If someone else is taking the test with you, you can talk to them or ask them a question that will distract the proctor. Additionally, if someone else is in the room, they can provide a distraction by making a noise or asking a question. This can help you to stay focused and on task during the test.

Use a Decoy Phone

The idea of a decoy phone can bring a sense of peace and safety to the test-taker. It is a simple but effective way to fool the proctor and make sure that no cheating is going on. The decoy phone can be set up in a variety of ways, depending on the type of phone and the surroundings.

The first step is to choose a phone that is not going to be detected. It should look as generic as possible and have no visible identifying marks. It should also be turned off, so that the proctor cannot see any activity on the screen. Once the phone is chosen, it should be placed somewhere in the room, either in plain sight or hidden away.

The next step is to use the decoy phone to your advantage. It can be used to distract the proctor or create a distraction in the room. The decoy phone can be placed near the proctor or hidden in a book or pocket, and set to ring at a certain time. When the proctor is distracted, the test-taker can take advantage of the opportunity to review their notes or look up information. The decoy phone can also be used to create a distraction in the room, such as by playing music or a video. This can draw the proctor’s attention away from the test-taker, allowing them to focus on their exam.

Using a decoy phone is a clever way to protect the test-taker from any potential cheating. It is a simple, effective solution that can help the test-taker feel safe and secure while taking the exam.

Stay Alert

Remaining alert requires one to be constantly aware of their environment, remaining calm and focused in order to quickly react to any potential risks. By keeping an eye out for any suspicious behaviour or unexpected events, one can stay ready to take the necessary steps needed to ensure safety. Focusing on one’s personal security can help to stay prepared for any developments that may come up.

Monitor Your Surroundings

Staying alert is one of the most important self-defense strategies. Knowing your surroundings and recognizing potential risks is key to staying safe. Monitoring your environment is essential to being prepared and avoiding danger.

When out and about, it is important to be aware of the people and the environment. Pay attention to the people around you. Do they appear to be acting suspiciously? Are people walking around in groups that appear to be up to no good? Be aware of any unusual behavior and if someone appears to be following you or watching you, trust your instincts and get away quickly.

Be conscious of the environment and any potential risks. Is the area well-lit or dark? Are there places someone could hide? Is there a crowd or are you alone? Identify possible escape routes in case you need to get away quickly. Taking note of these factors can help you stay alert and prepared.

Remain Calm and Focused

It is essential to remain calm and focused in times of potential danger. Take a deep breath and remember that panic is the enemy of clear thinking. When faced with danger, try to focus on what is the most important thing to do in the moment. This will help you assess the situation and develop a plan of action.

Think through all of your options, and remember that your goal is to get to safety. Avoid making a decision based on fear or panic, as this can lead to an unwise outcome. As you assess the situation, keep in mind that it is often better to take some action, rather than staying completely still.

Rather than dwelling on the fear of what might happen, focus on the steps you need to take to ensure your safety. Remain mindful of your surroundings and stay alert to any changes. Your ability to stay calm will help you make quick and wise decisions in dangerous situations.

Be Prepared to Act Quickly

In the face of danger, it is essential to be prepared to act quickly. The first step is to arm yourself with the knowledge of how to respond. Knowing what to do in a dangerous situation can be the difference between life and death.

Being prepared to act quickly involves understanding the various strategies that can be used to stay safe. Learning how to spot potential threats and having a plan of action can help you respond quickly in a dangerous situation. Keeping an eye on your surroundings can help you identify potential hazards and be ready to act.

It is also important to remain calm and focused. When faced with danger, it is easy to become overwhelmed and panic. Taking a few deep breaths and focusing on the here and now can help you stay calm and make more rational decisions. Knowing how to assess the situation, identify potential hazards, and formulate a plan of action can help you act quickly and efficiently when faced with danger.

Follow Exam Rules

Prior to the exam, it is essential to read the instructions carefully in order to understand the requirements of the test. During the exam, all electronic devices should be kept off and out of sight, so as to not disrupt the other students. Finally, respect of the rules of the exam room is paramount for the successful completion of the test.

Read the Exam Instructions Carefully

As the exam period approaches, it is important to carefully read all of the instructions given to you regarding the exam. Doing this will help you understand the format of the exam, the expectations, and the items you are allowed to bring into the exam room.

The exam instructions are like a roadmap for success. They provide the student with the information needed to make the most of the exam. Reading the exam instructions will also help the student to save time by not having to figure out the answers to questions that have already been answered in the instructions.

When reading the exam instructions, it is important to pay attention to the details. Read the instructions carefully and make sure you understand how to answer each question. The exam instructions will also provide you with information about the time limit, the number of questions, and how to submit your answers.

By taking the time to read the exam instructions carefully, you will be prepared to make the most of the exam. Knowing the expectations and the format of the exam will help to create a sense of confidence and reduce the stress associated with taking the exam. In addition, knowing the rules of the exam room will help to ensure that you are following the guidelines and not breaking any rules that could result in penalties or disqualification.

Keep Your Phone Off During the Exam

Shifting from staying alert during the exam, it is essential to remember to keep your phone off during the exam. When entering the exam venue, it is important for students to secure their phones in a place where they cannot be easily accessed. This can be in a bag or pocket, or even better, at home.

The temptation to use phones during the exam is great, but the consequences are even greater. As a result, it is best to leave the phone at home or in a locker, so that the student is not tempted to use it during the exam. If the student must take the phone, it should be placed in a location that is not easy to reach, and the student must ensure that it is turned off. This will help avoid any distractions, and will ensure that the student stays focused on the task of the exam.

Furthermore, it is also important to avoid any suspicious activity while the exam is in progress. This includes using the phone, as this could be seen as cheating or trying to gain an advantage over other students. It is also important to remember that the use of phones during the exam is strictly prohibited, and any violation of this rule will result in serious consequences. Therefore, it is best to keep the phone off during the exam to ensure that the student remains focused on the task at hand.

Respect the Rules of the Exam Room

Having taken care to stay alert and follow the exam instructions, it’s also important to respect the rules of the exam room. This means that during the exam, all electronic devices must be turned off and away. Anything that may be considered a distraction, such as phones, tablets, or headphones, should not be visible or used. Additionally, conversations between students should be kept to a minimum, and those conversations that do occur should be kept to a whisper.

The examination room should be a quiet, focused place of learning. As such, any form of disruption, including talking, eating, or sleeping, is not allowed. As a student, it’s important to be mindful of your behavior and the impact it has on the other students in the room. It’s essential to make sure that everyone has a relaxed and distraction-free environment, so that everyone can do their best on the exam.

It’s also essential to be considerate of the exam proctor. This means following the exam instructions closely and notifying the proctor if any kind of disruption occurs. Whether it’s someone talking too loudly or a computer malfunctioning, it’s important to be respectful and follow the proctor’s instructions for how to handle the situation. Following the rules of the exam room is not only an act of respect for the other students, but also for the proctor who is there to ensure everyone is able to complete the exam in a safe and fair manner.


Hiding a phone during an exam can be difficult, and it is important to plan ahead and be prepared. With the right strategies and tactics, it is possible to keep the phone hidden and avoid detection. Knowing the exam rules, utilizing the environment, and wearing appropriate clothing can all help keep the phone hidden. Keeping a calm demeanour and staying alert can also help avoid detection. With these tips, it is possible to successfully hide a phone during an exam and maintain a positive attitude throughout the testing process.

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