How To Hide Your Phone At Work (5+ Ways Explained)

Here are six ways to hide your phone at work: within your desk drawer under lock and key, inside a bag or purse in a secure compartment, discreetly placed behind objects or in a drawer organizer, concealed within a hollowed-out object like a book or desk organizer, stored in a locked drawer or cabinet, or kept in a personal locker if available. Adhere to workplace policies and responsible phone use while prioritizing work tasks.

At many workplaces, having a phone on hand can be a great tool for quick communication and information gathering.

But, in some cases, having a phone can be a distraction or can even put your job at risk.

Fortunately, with a few simple strategies, it is possible to discreetly hide your phone while at work.

Strategically placed pockets, bags, and other accessories can be invaluable for concealing phones.

In addition, there are many pocket-sized cases specifically designed to disguise phones in plain sight.

With the help of a few simple items, it is possible to keep your phone tucked away while still having it within arm’s reach.

How To Hide Your Phone At Work (5+ Ways Explained)

Choose a Hiding Spot

A drawer provides a great hiding spot, as its contents can easily be concealed with just a simple slide of the handle. The inside of a desk caddy may offer more space, allowing the user to stash larger items such as books, folders, and even a laptop. Last but not least, a book can be a great hiding spot, as its hollow interior allows for plenty of space to store small items while still blending into the shelves.

In a Drawer

When it comes to hiding items, drawers may be a great option. They offer a secure hiding spot that is easily accessible, and can be easily customized to fit the item being hidden. To begin, it is important to choose the right drawer to hide the item in. A drawer that is rarely accessed is ideal, as this reduces the chances of the item being discovered.

Once a drawer is chosen, the space within must be considered. Place the item in the back of the drawer, and use any dividers or organizers that are available to ensure it is securely hidden and will not move around. The container chosen should also be able to fit the item snugly, so that it is not visible from the outside. If the drawer is transparent, it may be necessary to install a liner to prevent the item from being seen.

Taking the time to secure the item in a drawer is important, as it can be a great and discreet hiding spot. By finding the right drawer and ensuring it is set up properly, the item being hidden can be secure and easily accessible when needed.

In a Desk Caddy

Moving away from drawers, another great hiding spot is within a desk caddy. Desk caddies are typically made of metal or plastic, and often have various compartments to store items. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can easily find one that fits your desk. The compartments are great for putting smaller items in, like a thumb drive or a flash drive. You can also store other items, such as paper clips, pens, and even jewelry. Desk caddies are designed to be convenient, and they can easily be moved around the desk to provide easy access to items.

You can also use a desk caddy to store your most important documents and other items. It is important to make sure that the items you are storing are secure and out of sight. Depending on the size of the caddy, you may have to use multiple compartments to store the items. For documents, you can use a file folder or an envelope to keep them safe and secure. This way, nobody will be able to see the contents of the folder or envelope.

Desk caddies also provide a secure hiding spot for other items, such as cash or jewelry. These items should always be kept out of sight, and it is recommended to use a caddy that has a lid that can be locked. This will ensure that nobody can get into your caddy and take what is inside. Desk caddies are a great way to keep your important items safe and secure, while also providing easy access to them when needed.

Inside a Book

Transitioning from the previous section, finding a spot to hide important items can be tricky, but a great option for hiding these items is to stash them inside a book. This method is great because it is simple to do and can be done without anyone noticing.

When hiding items inside a book, it is best to choose one that has thick pages and is not often used. This is so that the items will remain safe and secure, while also being hard to find. Additionally, it can be helpful to choose a book that is the same color as the items being hidden so that they blend in.

Finally, when putting items inside a book, make sure to place them in between the pages and not on top of them. This will prevent the items from becoming damaged or falling out. Additionally, it is important to make sure to remember which book the items have been placed in, so that they can be easily retrieved when needed.

Set a Do Not Disturb Mode

The first step to setting up a do not disturb mode is to turn off sounds and vibrations. This can be done by adjusting the settings of the device or by selecting the silent mode. Additionally, setting up a scheduled do not disturb will ensure that the user will not be disturbed during certain hours. Lastly, it is possible to block certain contacts to ensure that the user will not receive any notifications from them.

Turning Off Sounds and Vibrations

Having chosen the perfect hiding spot, the next step is to ensure that you won’t be disturbed. To do this, one of the first steps is to turn off all sounds and vibrations from your device, so that you can remain at peace while in your hiding spot.

When turning off sounds and vibrations, it’s important to pay attention to the device settings. There should be options for setting the device to silent, or for turning off all notifications. It’s also important to check for any other sounds that may be enabled, and turn them off if necessary. This includes any third-party applications that may be running, or any music or video streaming apps that may be playing.

Finally, it’s important to double-check the settings for any missed sounds or vibrations that may have been enabled. This may include checking the device’s “Do Not Disturb” mode, which may be set to allow certain kinds of notifications. It’s also important to make sure that any alarms or reminders that are set up on the device are turned off, so that you won’t be disturbed in your hiding spot. Turning off sounds and vibrations is the key to ensuring complete peace and quiet.

Setting Up Scheduled Do Not Disturb

It is important to have a scheduled Do Not Disturb mode set up to maximize your time in the hiding spot. To set up a Do Not Disturb mode, the first step is to identify when you prefer to be undisturbed. For example, when you are in your hiding spot and want to relax or take a nap, it is beneficial to turn off all sounds and vibrations. This can be done through the settings on your device to ensure that you are not disturbed by incoming calls or messages.

Once you have identified when you prefer to be undisturbed, you can set up a scheduled Do Not Disturb mode. This mode will automatically turn off the sounds and vibrations of your device at the specified times. It also allows you to customize the settings for certain contacts and notifications, so you can be sure that you won’t be disturbed by any notifications you don’t want to receive. You can also set up an end time for the Do Not Disturb mode, so you will be able to receive notifications after you leave your hiding spot.

The Do Not Disturb mode can be an invaluable tool for creating and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere in your hiding spot. It is an easy way to ensure that you will not be disturbed, allowing you to focus on being in the moment or relax in peace.

Blocking Certain Contacts

While setting up a hiding spot is important, it is also essential to make sure that you are not disturbed in the first place. To ensure this, it is important to set up a Do Not Disturb mode that will help to block out any incoming notifications or calls that are not relevant. One of the best ways to do this is to block certain contacts.

By blocking certain contacts, you can be sure that any calls or notifications from the unwanted contacts will be blocked from reaching you. This is especially useful if you are expecting an important call from a certain contact, while not wanting to be disturbed by other contacts. You can easily block contacts from your phone’s settings by simply selecting the contact’s name and choosing to block them.

Blocking contacts can also help to keep specific conversations hidden from people who are not part of it. This can be especially useful if you are having a conversation with a friend and would like to keep it private. By simply blocking the contact, you can be sure that the conversation will stay between the two of you. Blocking contacts is an easy and efficient way to ensure that you are not disturbed by any unwanted calls or notifications.

Use a Phone Case with a Pocket

When selecting a phone case with a pocket, it can be useful to consider what items you need to store and if the pocket will be able to accommodate them. Furthermore, a pocket phone case allows you to keep your phone out of sight for added security while also providing protection from drops and scratches. Lastly, the pocket can be used to store cards and cash securely, making it an ideal choice for those on the go.

Selecting a Phone Case with a Pocket

Switching gears, if you’re looking to keep your phone out of sight, selecting a phone case with a pocket may be the perfect solution. These phone cases provide an easily accessible pocket that can hold small items like credit cards, cash, and even keys. They come in a variety of designs and materials, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style.

A well-crafted phone case with a pocket is designed with convenience in mind. They are usually equipped with a secure zip or flap closure that prevents items from slipping out and getting lost. Additionally, the pocket typically has a slim profile that won’t add too much bulk to your phone.

For extra protection, some phone cases with a pocket come with additional features like anti-slip grip, hardshell construction, and shock-absorbing cushioning. This ensures that your phone is kept safe from any bumps, scratches, or drops that may occur in daily life.

Keeping Your Phone Out of Sight

The convenience of having a pocket to keep your phone out of sight has become appealing to many. No longer do you need to fumble around purses or pockets to find your phone – with a pocketed phone case, you can easily and quickly store and retrieve your phone with ease.

The pocket is usually made up of a soft material such as cloth, which provides a snug fit for your phone. It will prevent your phone from slipping out while keeping it out of sight. Additionally, the pocket provides an extra layer of protection from scratches and bumps, so you can feel secure when you store your phone in it.

Moreover, the pocket is discreet, so you don’t have to worry about people snooping around for your phone. It offers you a sense of security and ensures that your phone remains out of sight in public.

Overall, having a pocketed phone case allows you to keep your phone out of sight and provides a layer of protection from damage. It also allows you to have peace of mind knowing that your phone is safe and secure.

Protecting Your Phone from Damage

Having a phone case with a pocket can be invaluable for protecting your phone from damage. The pocket serves as a great place to store your phone when not using it, keeping it out of sight but close at hand. The pocket can also provide extra cushioning for your phone when you’re on the go. Not only does it prevent accidental drops, but it also absorbs the impact of any impacts that do occur, greatly reducing the chance of any damage. The pocket can be made of a variety of materials, from shock-absorbent foam to heavy-duty rubber. Whatever material you choose, it can provide an additional layer of protection to your phone. Additionally, the pocket can also provide a convenient place to store your charger or earbuds, allowing you to keep your phone charged and ready to use.

Opt for a Wristlet or Wallet

From basic wristlets to longer wallets, there are a variety of designs to choose from to store your essentials. For those looking to keep their phone close, there are wristlets designed with a phone pocket feature for convenience. For those looking for a more discreet design, choose a simple wallet in a neutral color that best fits your style.

Types of Wristlets and Wallets

When it comes to keeping your phone close, opting for a wristlet or wallet is a great option. Wristlets and wallets come in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find one that meets your needs. For those who prefer a more traditional look, traditional wallets offer several compartments for cards, cash, and coins. On the other hand, wristlets feature a small wrist strap, which makes them perfect for those who need quick and easy access to their phone and other essentials.

For a more modern look, wristlets and wallets are now available in a variety of materials, from leather to canvas, to synthetic and vegan materials. No matter which style you choose, you’ll find a wide selection of colors and patterns that are perfect for any outfit or occasion. Whether you choose a bright and bold pattern for a night out or a neutral style for everyday use, you can find a wristlet or wallet that looks great.

For those looking for a more discreet design, wallets and wristlets come in slim, minimalist designs. Not only are these designs stylish and practical, but they also provide plenty of room for all your essentials. Whether you need to carry cash, cards, and coins, or just need a place to store your phone, you can find a wristlet or wallet that is perfect for keeping your items close.

Keeping Your Phone Close

For those who want to keep their phone close, a wristlet or wallet is the perfect choice. A wristlet is a pouch with a secure strap that can be worn around the wrist or attached to a larger bag. Similarly, a wallet is a pouch with a clasp or zipper that can fit inside a larger bag or carried on its own. Both options are designed to keep your phone safe and close to you, so you never have to worry about leaving it behind.

When choosing a wristlet or wallet, there are a few features to look for. Firstly, look for secure straps and straps that can be adjusted. Additionally, look for a pouch that is made of a durable material that will keep your phone safe from bumps and scratches. Some wristlets and wallets are even water-resistant, providing extra protection for your device in case of rain or spills.

Finally, choose a design that is both discreet and stylish. Many wristlets and wallets come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find one that fits your personal style. Additionally, some come with extra features such as card holders or secret compartments for extra storage. No matter what design you choose, make sure it fits your needs and keeps your phone safe and close.

Choosing a Discreet Design

The final factor to consider when selecting a wristlet or wallet to carry a phone is choosing a discreet design. Depending on the occasion, there may be times when a more subtle look is desired. For a sleek, stylish option, look for wristlets and wallets made out of leather or other durable materials. A solid-colored design such as black, brown, or navy is a timeless option that will go with any outfit. For a bit of flair, opt for a wristlet or wallet with a subtle pattern or texture. A quilted pattern or snakeskin texture will add a hint of sparkle while still maintaining a discreet look. Avoid designs with large logos or bright colors, as these can be too attention-grabbing. Additionally, look for wristlets and wallets with removable straps or chains so the look can be tailored to fit any situation.

Utilize a Lanyard

Utilizing a lanyard provides a myriad of benefits; not only does it enable you to keep track of valuable items, but it also helps to keep them secure. When choosing a lanyard, it is important to select a comfortable option that won’t irritate the skin. Additionally, considering a discreet design is beneficial, as it allows the lanyard to be worn without drawing too much attention.

Benefits of Wearing a Lanyard

As a stylish alternative to a wristlet or wallet, a lanyard offers a convenient way to carry around your essentials. From its basic yet utilitarian design, a lanyard not only provides a fashionable look but also offers a number of benefits.

One of the many benefits of wearing a lanyard is that it keeps your items secure and within easy reach. With a lanyard, you don’t have to worry about leaving your items behind. Whether you’re attending a conference, going to class or running errands, having your items close by provides a sense of comfort and security.

Another benefit of wearing a lanyard is that it is an unobtrusive way to carry your items. Unlike a bulky wallet or a purse, a lanyard is small and can be tucked away in your pocket, making it a discreet way to carry your items. Furthermore, it can be worn with a variety of outfits and styles, from casual to business attire.

A lanyard is an excellent way to keep your essentials close at hand and secure while maintaining a fashionable look. With its secure and discreet design, a lanyard is a reliable way to carry your items without sacrificing style or convenience.

Choosing a Comfortable Lanyard

Having explored the benefits of wearing a wristlet or wallet, it is now time to explore the merits of wearing a lanyard. In particular, it is important to consider the level of comfort when choosing a lanyard. After all, if it is uncomfortable to wear, then it may not be the best choice.

When selecting a lanyard, it is important to ensure that it is adjustable. After all, a lanyard that is too tight can cause discomfort and restrict breathing. Opting for a lanyard with adjustable straps can provide comfort, as it can be adjusted to a more suitable size. Additionally, a lanyard with adjustable straps can be shared with other people, as the size can be adjusted to fit different body types.

Furthermore, the material of the lanyard straps should be taken into consideration. A lanyard with straps made out of a soft material, such as cotton or nylon, can provide more comfort when worn. It is also important to ensure that the material is breathable, as this can help prevent discomfort when the lanyard is worn for a long period of time. Additionally, if the lanyard is to be worn during the summer, a material that is lightweight and provides ventilation is ideal. Choosing the right material can ensure that the lanyard is comfortable to wear and can also help to prevent skin irritation.

Selecting a Discreet Design

Once you’ve decided to add a lanyard to your daily fashion choices, the next step is to decide on a discreet design. After all, no matter how stylish and comfortable your lanyard is, it won’t be a fashionable accessory if it stands out too much.

When selecting a discreet design, it’s important to consider the other accessories you’ll be wearing that day. For example, if you’re wearing a black dress and matching heeled boots, then a plain black lanyard with minimal detailing will blend in nicely. However, if you’re wearing a blue blouse and a patterned skirt, then a lanyard with a subtle blue and patterned print will be more suitable. If you’re wearing a neutral color like beige or white, then a lanyard with a small floral pattern or a detailed buckle will be the perfect finishing touch.

Additionally, you should consider the length of the lanyard when selecting a discreet design. A lanyard that’s too long will appear bulky and awkward, while a lanyard that’s too short will be too noticeable. If your outfit is fairly simple, then you should opt for a lanyard with adjustable clips that allow you to adjust the length to your preference. This will ensure that your lanyard is always the perfect length and never draws too much attention.

Use a Special Phone Bag

Carrying your phone around in a phone bag has several advantages. When selecting a bag, look for one that is discreet in design, allowing you to carry it around without drawing too much attention. This will also help to protect your phone from any potential damage, helping you keep your investment safe.

Benefits of Using a Phone Bag

Having a special phone bag is an excellent way to keep your phone safe and secure in any situation. Not only does it provide protection from drops and other potential damages, but it also offers a variety of other benefits that are worth considering.

The first major benefit of using a phone bag is the increased level of discretion it offers. Unlike carrying a phone in your hand or pocket, a phone bag allows you to keep your device out of sight and out of mind. It’s a great way to ensure that your phone won’t draw attention to itself and won’t be a distraction when you’re trying to focus. Additionally, it helps to keep your phone safe from potential theft.

Another benefit of using a phone bag is the added level of convenience it provides. It’s much easier to carry a phone in a phone bag than it is to hold it in your hand or to carry it in a pocket. It also gives you quick and easy access to your device when you need it. Instead of having to rummage through your pockets or purse to find it, you can just grab it from your bag and be ready to go.

Overall, having a phone bag is a great way to protect your phone while also providing convenience and discretion. It’s a simple and effective solution for keeping your phone safe and secure in any situation.

Selecting a Discreet Design

Once you have decided to utilize a special phone bag, you can select a discreet design that will fit your individual needs. When making your choice, consider the color, texture, and size of the bag. For an inconspicuous look, choose a bag that is not too large or flashy. You may want to opt for a plain black or brown bag to avoid standing out. If you are looking for a bag with a bit of flair, select one with a unique pattern or texture. Select one with a soft material, such as velvet or suede, for a luxurious touch and added comfort. Additionally, look for a bag with an adjustable strap that allows you to customize the length to fit your size. Ultimately, make sure your selection not only looks good but also feels comfortable when it is on your person.

Protecting Your Phone from Damage

The importance of protecting one’s most beloved device—a phone—cannot be overstated. A special phone bag is a great way to keep your phone safe from any kind of harm. Made with quality materials, a special phone bag is designed to protect your phone from any kind of damage, be it a spill, a drop, or an unexpected jostle. Its protective layers also offer water-resistant properties, ensuring that your phone will be safe and secure even in the most inclement of weather.

The materials used to create a special phone bag are also important to consider. Many phone bags are made from leather or faux leather, giving them a classic, timeless look. But other materials like canvas, denim, and polyester can also be used to create highly durable, stylish bags, that can protect your phone from scratches, dents, and more.

Whether you opt for a classic, stylish phone bag, or a more discreet design, the importance of protecting your phone from any kind of damage cannot be overstated. A special phone bag is the best way to keep your device safe from any kind of harm—protecting it from falls, spills, and weather. With its durable materials and secure design, a phone bag is an ideal way to keep your device safe from any kind of damage.

Wear a Jacket or Sweater

Taking a jacket or sweater with you provides many benefits. Its discreet design allows you to blend in with the crowd, while its pockets provide a secure place to keep your phone and other small items. Additionally, the jacket or sweater will keep you warm and comfortable on those chilly days.

Benefits of Wearing a Jacket

Wrapping your phone in a cozy jacket provides a number of advantages. For starters, it ensures that your device is well-protected from dust, dirt, and other environmental elements. It also acts as a buffer from sudden impacts, helping to prevent any wear and tear that could otherwise damage your phone. Furthermore, the fabric in a jacket or sweater provides an extra layer of insulation, helping to keep your device cool and safe from overheating. Finally, a jacket or sweater adds a unique style and flair, ensuring that your phone looks as good as it feels.

Choosing a Discreet Design

Having the right jacket or sweater to keep your phone discreetly out of sight is an essential part of the phone bag experience. When selecting a jacket or sweater, consider the style, fabric, and fit. Choose something that is classic and timeless in design, such as a bomber jacket, which is both fashionable and discreet. For cold weather, a wool coat is a great choice as it is both warm and provides a layer of protection for your phone. Look for a coat with multiple pockets, as this provides extra storage for your phone and other items. The fabric should be lightweight enough to allow for the phone to fit comfortably without being bulky. The fit should be slim, but not overly tight, as this allows for greater freedom of movement and ensures your phone stays securely in place.

Keeping Your Phone Securely in Place

In addition to the benefit of keeping your phone securely in place, wearing a jacket or sweater is a great way to ensure that your phone isn’t exposed to the elements. With a discreet design, you can easily keep your phone tucked away while enjoying the outdoors.

A snug jacket or sweater is the perfect way to keep your phone in place. The fabric, combined with the snug fit, ensures that your phone won’t move no matter how much you move. The fabric will also protect your phone from dust, dirt, and moisture, so you can be sure that your phone won’t be damaged while you go about your day.

You can also use a belt or an armband to keep your phone secure. These provide a snug fit, and are perfect for activities that involve a lot of movement, such as running or hiking. The belt or armband also allows you to access your phone quickly if you need to make a call or check a text. This way, you can have easy access to your phone while keeping it protected.

Carry a Purse or Handbag

The advantages of carrying a purse or handbag are numerous. From providing a secure place to store personal items to making a fashion statement, a purse or handbag can be both functional and stylish. Selecting an appropriate design is key to achieving the desired look. The right design can also provide an extra layer of security to ensure phones and other items remain safe and secure. Finding a secure place to store a phone can be a challenge, but a stylish purse or handbag can provide the perfect solution.

Benefits of Carrying a Purse

Beyond the aesthetic appeal of carrying a purse, there are many practical benefits. It is an essential accessory for both men and women. Carrying a purse allows one to store all the essential items needed throughout the day. From wallets and keys to phones and other items, a purse provides a convenient way to safely transport items. It also helps to free the hands up for other activities. The purse is the perfect way to store items without having to worry about them getting lost or misplaced. Additionally, for those who are fashion-conscious, a purse can be a stylish accessory to match any outfit. It can even be used as a conversation starter, providing an opportunity to express one’s personal style and taste. All in all, a purse is an invaluable accessory for anyone who wants to look and feel their best.

Selecting an Appropriate Design

As you close the clasp on your warm jacket or sweater, you consider the other items you need for your day. A purse or handbag offers a stylish and functional way to keep all your necessities close at hand. Selecting an appropriate design can help you look and feel your best.

When selecting the right handbag for your look, choose one that complements your outfit and personality. A classic leather tote is ideal for the office, while a fun, vibrant crossbody bag is the perfect addition to a night out on the town. Consider the color, pattern, and material of your purse, and the size and shape that will fit your lifestyle. With a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes, you’re sure to find just the right purse for your wardrobe.

Choose a purse that is both stylish and practical. Look for features that offer convenience and security, such as zip or Velcro closures and internal compartments to keep your items organized. A purse with an adjustable strap is a great option, as it can be easily adjusted to your preferred length for a comfortable fit. Additionally, selecting a water-resistant material can help keep your items safe from the elements. With the right design, you can keep your belongings close and look your best at the same time.

Finding a Secure Place to Store Your Phone

From the warmth of a jacket or sweater, the natural next step is to find a stylish purse or handbag to complete the look. Just as important, though, is finding a secure place to store the most treasured possession – your phone.

A great place to begin your search for a safe spot is to look for interior pockets or compartments. Modern purses and handbags often come with a dedicated pocket or pouch specifically designed for phones. When the pocket is zippered or otherwise secured, phones can be tucked away and protected from accidental drops. It also helps keep the phone secure from the prying eyes of others.

Another option is to find a bag with a built-in phone holster. These holsters are usually tucked away in a corner or side pocket of the bag and are designed to keep the phone safely in place. Not only does this provide a secure space for the phone, but it also keeps the phone easily accessible when needed. With a quick unzip or unsnap, a phone can be pulled out of the holster in a matter of seconds.

No matter the style of bag chosen, finding a secure place to store the phone is a must. With a few simple steps, a trendsetting look can be completed with peace of mind.


No matter the size or type of your phone, there are several clever ways to hide it at work. Whether you’re hiding your phone in a pocket, a bag, or a phone case, you can be sure it won’t be seen or heard. With these options, you can attend to your responsibilities without feeling like you have to keep an eye on your phone. The best part is, these solutions can be implemented discreetly and without drawing attention, ensuring your phone is safe and sound all day long.

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