How To Hide License Plate From Toll Camera (10 Proven Ways)

A reflective tape is available online, and you can apply it and cover the registration number plates. Place the white tape on the white areas if your number plate is white.

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Attention: The article is for educational purposes. We don’t encourage hiding license plates from toll cameras.

Any idea to obscure your license plate from the toll camera? You are not alone; many people try to hide license plates from toll cameras.

There are products and ways to make the number plates go into hiding from the cameras.

It is illegal to hide your car or motorcycle license plate from the toll camera in any state on the road.

There are no suitable or appropriate ways to block road cameras from capturing the license plate.

Learning to make the license plate go without scanning is not legal. It is not an educational piece to trick cameras.

License Plate From Toll Camera

10 different ways to hide license plate from toll camera

A few ways to prevent the toll cameras from catching your license plate number are mentioned below:-

A Reflective Tape

The biggest advantage of reflective tape is that it makes the number plate obscure.

The reflective tape on the license plate makes it invisible to the toll camera.

A reflective tape is available online, and you can apply it and cover the registration number plates.

Place the white tape on the white areas if your number plate is white.

Generally, as the camera flash shoots, the number plate illuminates, and the camera settings freeze the image plate faster.

With the reflective tape, camera sensors blur light or bleed around the plate numbers and letters identification, making it unreadable.

Thus, the license plate will go into hiding, as it will show as a fuzzy white rectangle because of the tape reflection.

Enjoy hiding from the toll camera your license plate.

Bike rack installation

Using a bike rack ensures your license plate on the rear side becomes invisible to the toll cameras.

Some SUVs and pickup trucks attach a bicycle using a towing attachment.

Some of the bike racks installed on a car assist in towing motorcycles. First, install a rack on the vehicle; ensure the bike can tow.

However, depending on state laws, it may lead you into paying a fine.

Speed away

A perfect way of hiding the license plate from the toll camera is possible by merely speeding away.

It means you have to speed away more than 200 mph on a busy roadway so that your number plates are not readable.

You enjoy not paying the toll fees and from the toll camera.

Some controller type installation

Hiding a license plate is not an easy act, besides being illegal.

However, installing some controller type in your vehicle allows shifting the rack to reveal or hide the number plate on approaching a camera.

Ensure to know the vehicle behind you to avoid using the controller with the coup vehicle following you very closely.

A Photoblocker spray

Using a photo blocker spray, cover the license plate on the road from coming into notice. Use the spray, but it is not legal to use, so check violation rules to be safer.

The product manufacturer asks you to drive faster to prevent the toll camera from shooting the license place or getting any trace of the identification number.

A photo blocker spray works to keep the license plate unreadable but does not guarantee to obscure the full license plate.

Fresnel Lens

Using a Fresnel lens makes the number plates go invisible.

The Fresnel lens hides your license plate from the toll camera. The number plate becomes visible only on viewing it straight.

The Fresnel lens hides the license plate numbers when viewed from the typical camera location of a high angle.

Infrared LEDs

Using infrared LEDs makes it difficult to capture the license plate number.

It does not include jam radars, but it is difficult for the toll camera to capture the license number.

The infrared LEDs shield the license plate from red light and speed cams.

Infrared LEDs work because when the camera captures a picture, the LED immediately flashes back, blinding the camera.

There is a glare due to overexposing of the photograph.

Grease Up

Hiding your license plate means keeping it invisible to the camera. It is illegal to drive having a dirty license plate.

Grease up the license plate to the extent that they can identify it. Besides, police also dish out hefty fines on having dirty number plates.

Spray clear-coat substance

Preventing cameras from hiding the number plate means using a clear coat substance.

It is high-gloss and reflective, so spraying the clear coat on the license plate will not let the camera from taking pictures featuring flash.

License plate cover

The license plate cover makes the license plate reflective. The cover is in clear, strong polycarbonate plastic.

The colorful material is a thin layer reflecting light with the light cameras, making the license plates unreadable.

The lawful ways of ensuring the license plates are visible even with bike rack installation is to have:

  • Legal bike rack so that police do pull you over on evading tolls. You may end up with speed tickets if the number plate is invisible.
  • Place anti-flash number plates so that your license plate is visible.

Final Thoughts

The road camera’s inception aimed not to let people run away from paying the toll. It was an attempt from the government.

Therefore, using any obstruction form on a license plate such that it goes hiding the registration number is not acceptable.

It will result in paying tolls or offenses. The traffic intersections feature cameras to stop the drivers from running during red lights. 

The camera will take the license plate photo by speeding past it with red lights on.

Hiding the license plate from the toll camera is a cheap way to make your license plate invisible to the camera.

However, it is also a way of saving the hassle of a speeding ticket from speed cameras.

Blockers like sprays and covers do not hide your license plate, yet the number is in hiding from the cameras.

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