How To Hide Something In Your Room (10 Creative Ways)

A book safe is truly safe to hide something of yours that is your secret in your room. It is easy to place anything in it and stash the book on the shelf.

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Hiding valuables is ingrained in the nature of each person. It is why people seek places to hide something in their rooms.

The truth is that household items are the most top-secret places and make the best secret hiding places.

There are multiple hiding places, and you must remember the items and the location where you store them. If not, make a note of it and keep it safe for further reference.

The things you wish to hide must hold value for you and be unimportant to others. If you want to hide something, it is valuable to you, not others.

So, search for the right places to keep things secretive.

Hide Something In Your Room

10 different ways to hide something in your room

Book Safe

A book safe is a truly secure way to hide your secrets in your room. It is easy to place anything inside and stash the book on the shelf.

You can hide your valuables or money by placing them among other books.

If the item is slightly larger, you can position it between two rows of books or behind a book.

False Bottom Drawer

Drawers with secret compartments have been used for centuries as treasure hiding spots for jewelry, valuable items, and money.

By creating a false bottom in a drawer, you can create a hidden space at the bottom to hide your precious belongings.

If you don’t have a bottom drawer, it’s relatively easy to make one. Simply cut a thin board to match the drawer’s size and fit it as the false bottom.

To provide an extra layer of security, you can incorporate a magnetic locking mechanism that requires a secret key to access the hidden compartment.

False bottom drawers are ideal for hiding valuable items even from potential burglars who are unaware of their existence.

They provide a mysterious and accessible place for storing a variety of belongings, thanks to their deep storage capacity.

Old Vacuum

Old Vacuum- A large open cavity is a wonderful spot to store your valuables.

It can be unused electronics such as TVs, a computer tower featuring space, or even a vacuum cleaner not functioning.

Take a bag and place goodies inside, and place the cover back. No one will ever touch it.

You can keep it in a closet. You can also store it in a garage that is in your control.

Pringles Can

Pringles can is a common sight in every home. Burglars coming to look for something to steal go through pantries and liquor cabinets.

As the pantry is in your charge, you can stash good amounts of cash in the Pringles can. No one will lift the lid to see an oatmeal canister.

The can should be clean and work as your secret hiding compartment to store your safety cash.

Remember to get a few Pringles cans and store your kitchen stuff in them.

In this way, your family members will also notice you are using the Pringles can for kitchen purposes. Your safety Pringles can does not isolate.

It will sit with other Pringle cans and be at the least suspicious point. It will hide in sight.

Back of the Drawer

The idea is to have a false bottom that comes out as the entire drawer.

It would help if you placed duct tape and an envelope of cash or some secret paper safe at the back of the drawer.

You can find space in the dresser or cabinet drawers back and store it in so it will not squish anything too much.

In the Freezer

A freezer is not a place to hide valuable is a common belief, so no one checks for extra items.

You can stash something in the freezer and ensure they are safe in the food bags or containers.

You can empty some Costco bags or other bags and place your stuff. Nobody will ever try to look for it.

Medicine cabinet

Medicine cabinets are not the least places one would ever try to look upon.

It is a cabinet with medicine bottles, and no one believes in finding anything of value here but medicines.

It is a great hiding place to keep near a medicine container, your extra house key, or cupboard key.

You can also glue something important to a cover and place it beside the bottles that are much inside. It will stay safer.

Storage bins

It is one of the best places in plain sight and yet allows hiding something without any fear.

The storage bins for clothes, especially your or your kid’s storage bins, are the right place to keep anything valuable.

It is suitable for low-value things that you do not wish to keep open on the table but wants to be safe.

Grocery containers

It is for the kitchen queens to save a lot on the food grains and pulses.

It may be jewelry, cash, a mobile, a camera, or anything. Hiding in the food grains or pulses is like a not detectable place.

People in your home may look for something to eat in the fridge but will not touch the grocery containers, so it is the best place to hide in your home.

Toilet Paper Tube

Yes, the toilet paper tube is a wonderful place to hide something.

These tubes are hollow and can hold only small notes, cash, a pen drive, a USB drive, and something small to fit in the tube.

Use the spot of the toilet paper holder tube, and none of the burglars or your family members will come looking for it.

You can hide even in the towel rack bars that are less accessible. It is safe in its place and has your stuff safe right in front of you at all times.

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