How To Hide Windshield Crack (5+ Ways Explained)

To hide a windshield crack, you can temporarily apply clear nail polish, place a decal over the crack, or use a pin or thumbtack to remove loose glass fragments. However, it’s advisable to consult a professional for proper repair or replacement, as these are only temporary measures to prevent further damage.

As the sun light reflects off your car’s windshield it illuminates a deep crack, running from the left corner to the right.

You hope no one noticed, but the damage is done.

You’re now left with a dilemma: how do you go about hiding the crack and protecting your car’s windshield?

Fortunately, there are several methods for temporarily hiding a windshield crack until you can get it professionally repaired.

From using specialized tapes to specialty windshield paints, there are options that can help you return your car to its pre-crack condition.

Read on to learn more about hiding your windshield crack and getting your car back to looking its best.

how to hide windshield crack

Repair the Windshield

Taking a DIY approach to repairing a windshield requires a specific repair kit, which includes everything necessary for the task. On the other hand, opting for a professional windshield repair means that the process is left in the hands of a specialist, who can ensure that the job is done right. Before any repair is attempted, the area should be prepped for the task, ensuring that the windshield is clean and free of debris.

DIY Repair Kits

Leveraging the power of the home improvement industry, DIY repair kits offer a cost-effective way to repair a damaged windshield. The kits contain the necessary tools and materials needed to restore the windshield’s structural integrity and clarity. Depending on the level of damage, the repair can be completed in as little as 30 minutes.

The first step in the repair process is to clean the damaged area, using a quality glass cleaner and microfiber cloth. Next, the repair resin is injected into the damaged area, filling any cracks or chips. Once the resin has been injected, it should be left to cure for a few minutes until it’s completely dry. Finally, any excess resin is wiped away and the area is buffed with a microfiber cloth to give the windshield a polished look.

DIY windshield repair kits come in a range of sizes and designs, but all contain the same basic tools and materials. Many kits come with detailed instructions on how to perform the repair, providing a step-by-step guide to the entire process. With a little practice, even novice DIYers can confidently and effectively repair a damaged windshield.

Professional Windshield Repair

Although there are DIY repair kits that can be used to repair windshields, it is often recommended to have a professional handle the job. Professional windshield repair technicians have the right tools, materials, and skills to ensure that the job is done correctly and efficiently. They are experienced in handling and dealing with all types of windshields and can repair a variety of damages, including chips, cracks, and star-shaped breaks.

In order to perform a proper windshield repair, the technician must first prepare the repair area. This includes cleaning the windshield to remove dirt, dust, and debris, and then using a special tool to remove any existing sealants or adhesives. Once the area has been cleaned and prepared, the technician will begin the repair process. They will usually start by inspecting the area to identify the type and extent of damage. Depending on the type of damage, the technician will then use a special tool to carefully inject a special resin into the damaged area. This resin will form a strong bond with the glass and help to restore the structural integrity of the windshield.

After the injection is complete, the technician will use a curing light to seal the repair and ensure that the resin has hardened. They will then inspect the area to make sure the repair was successful. Once the repair is complete, the technician will clean the windshield and then apply a coat of protective sealant to help protect the repaired area from future damage.

preparing the repair area

Having established the need for repair, the next step is to prepare the area. First and foremost, it is important to make sure that the vehicle is in a safe and stable place, preferably on level ground. To begin, it is essential to clean the windshield of any dirt or debris to avoid further damage. A cloth dampened with soapy water may be used to wipe away any dirt or dust. It is best to avoid using any type of harsh cleaner, as this can damage the glass. Once the windshield is clean and dry, the repair area should be marked with a piece of tape. This will help to ensure that the repair process is precise and accurate. Once the area is demarcated, all tools and supplies needed for the repair should be prepared.

Use a Windshield Cover

Installing a windshield cover is a relatively simple process that requires little effort and time. The cover simply drapes over the car’s windshield and secure with straps or magnets, providing many benefits such as protection from the sun and snow. To ensure a secure fit, straps should be adjusted to the size of the windshield.

How to Install a Windshield Cover

Now that the windshield has been repaired, the next step is to protect it. Installing a windshield cover is an effective way to do this. It is important to take the time to properly install the cover to ensure a secure fit.

The first step is to determine the size of the cover needed. Once the correct size is determined, the cover must be laid out on the hood of the car, ensuring that the center of the cover lines up with the center of the windshield. Afterward, the side flaps should be tucked into the door jams and the bottom flap should be tucked underneath the windshield wipers. It is important to make sure that the cover is not stretched when fitting it to the windshield.

The final step is to secure the cover. The straps that come with the cover should be used to secure it in place. The straps should be pulled taut and secured with the clips. If the cover is too loose, it will not adequately protect the windshield from debris and harsh weather. It is important to take the time to ensure that the cover is securely in place.

Benefits of Windshield Covers

After the windshield has been repaired, adding a windshield cover can provide additional protection for the windshield. The cover acts as a sunshade to protect the glass from the sun’s ultraviolet rays which can cause damage and discoloration. The cover can also protect the glass from debris, such as stones and gravel, which can cause chips and scratches. In addition, the cover acts as an insulator, helping to keep the temperature of the glass stable in extreme weather conditions.

Windshield covers are also beneficial in that they can help reduce interior heat buildup. The cover helps keep the glass cooler, resulting in less heat entering the vehicle’s interior. This can make the cabin more comfortable and reduce the need to turn on the car’s air conditioner. In some cases, this can even help reduce fuel consumption.

Windshield covers are great for providing extra protection to the windshield, making it easier to keep the glass in good condition. They also help to keep the interior of the vehicle cooler and can even help reduce fuel consumption.

Secure Fit of Windshield Covers

After repairing the windshield, the next step is to install a windshield cover. Ensuring a secure fit is the most important part of installation. To begin, it is necessary to measure the windshield and purchase a cover that fits. Most covers are adjustable and can be cut to size for small variations.

Once the measurements are taken, the cover needs to be placed over the windshield, ensuring it is centered. It should be adjusted until it covers the entire windshield, including the edges. To ensure a secure fit, the cover must be firmly tucked in at all edges. If the cover is not secured properly, wind can get underneath and cause it to lift or flap.

Once the cover is properly secured, the final step is to secure the cover with straps. This is done by tying the straps around the base of the windshield wipers or by fastening them to the side mirrors. The straps should be tight enough to hold the cover in place, but not so tight that they damage the wipers or mirrors. With the straps in place, the cover should be secure and provide the necessary protection for the windshield.

Apply a Windshield Repair Resin

Using a windshield repair resin is an effective way to restore a damaged windshield to its original condition. The resin seals the cracks and chips, preventing any further damage. Applying the resin is a straightforward process and the result is a crystal clear windshield that is like new.

How to Use Windshield Repair Resin

After taking the necessary steps to protect your windshield from further damage with a windshield cover, now it’s time to learn how to use a windshield repair resin. Windshield repair resin is a unique formula designed to quickly and easily fill cracks and chips in the windshield. It is a quick and easy way to restore the structural integrity of your windshield.

Using the repair resin is a relatively straightforward process. First, the damaged area must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that no dirt or debris obstructs the resin from penetrating the voids and cracks. It is recommended to use an automotive glass cleaner to remove any debris. Then, place the applicator over the damaged area and slowly squeeze the resin into the voids and cracks until they are full. Finally, the resin needs time to cure, usually about 20 minutes.

Using windshield repair resin can provide several benefits. Not only does it save you from having to replace the entire windshield, but it also helps maintain the structural integrity and strength of your windshield. Additionally, it increases visibility and ensures safe driving conditions.

With the right materials and knowledge, you can easily use windshield repair resin to fix any cracks or chips in your windshield.

Benefits of Windshield Repair Resin

The use of a windshield repair resin can be a great benefit for car owners. The resin is easy to use and can provide a virtually invisible repair to a damaged windshield. It can be used to repair a variety of different types of damage, including chips, cracks, and scratches, without the need to replace the entire windshield.

The resin can also be used to prevent further damage to a damaged windshield. When applied correctly, the resin will harden and create a barrier that will help to protect the glass from further damage, such as cracking or shattering. This can be especially important for those who drive in harsh conditions or in areas that experience extreme temperatures.

Another benefit of using a windshield repair resin is that it can save time and money. While replacing a windshield can be expensive and time-consuming, using the resin can be done quickly and easily. It can also be done at home, eliminating the need to take the vehicle to a repair shop or even wait for a technician to come to the home. This can be a great option for those who need a quick and easy fix to a damaged windshield.

Apply the resin

After taking the necessary precautions to protect your windshield with a windshield cover, it is time to apply the windshield repair resin. As you prepare to apply the resin, it is essential to make sure that you have the correct supplies on hand. This includes the resin, a razor blade, a curing strip, and a light source.

Once everything is in place, it is time to apply the resin. Begin by using the razor blade to scrape off any debris, dirt, or dust that may have gathered around the chip or crack. Next, apply the resin to the damaged area. Be sure to use a generous amount of resin as it is necessary to fill the entirety of the chip or crack.

Next, use the curing strip to press the resin into the chip or crack. This will help to ensure that the resin is even and secure. Last, use the light source to harden the resin, such as a UV light. This process should take around 10 minutes. Once the resin has hardened, remove the curing strip and inspect the area. You should now have a chip or crack that is filled and secured.

Use a Windshield Repair Tape

For those looking to repair a windshield with a reliable product, windshield repair tape is a great option. It is easy to install and provides a strong seal that prevents further cracking. Additionally, it is an affordable solution that can be purchased online or at many hardware stores.

How to Install Windshield Repair Tape

In addition to applying windshield repair resin, another way to repair a chipped or cracked windshield is to use a windshield repair tape. Installing windshield repair tape is relatively simple and requires only a few basic tools.

To begin, clean the windshield with a glass cleaner and make sure the area is free of debris. Next, cut a piece of the windshield repair tape slightly longer than the chip or crack, and peel off the backing. Carefully press the tape onto the windshield and trim off any excess with a razor blade. The tape should be firmly pressed around the contours of the chip or crack and be flush with the glass.

Finally, use a heat gun to dry out the tape and adhere it to the windshield. This should take approximately one to two minutes and should be done from at least six inches away from the glass. After the tape has been heated, the windshield should be left to cool and cure overnight. Once complete, the repair should be nearly invisible.

Benefits of Windshield Repair Tape

Similar to windshield repair resin, windshield repair tape is also a great way of fixing smaller chips and cracks. This tape is designed to be applied directly over the damaged area of the windshield and provide a quick, easy repair solution. There are numerous benefits to using this type of tape for windshield repair.

One of the primary advantages of windshield repair tape is that it is incredibly easy to use and install. Unlike resin, there is no need to prepare the damaged area, as the tape can be applied directly over the crack or chip. This makes it a great solution for minor damage that does not require professional repair. Furthermore, due to its adhesive backing, it can be applied without any additional tools or materials.

In addition, windshield repair tape is also highly durable and resilient. It can withstand extreme temperatures and weather conditions without peeling or lifting. This means that it can provide long-term protection against further damage to the windshield, making it an ideal choice for those who want to fix small chips and cracks in the most effective manner.

Overall, windshield repair tape is an effective and cost-efficient way to repair minor chips and cracks in windshields. It is easy to install, and provides long-term protection against further damage. It is an ideal solution for those who want to fix minor chips and cracks without having to use professional services.

Where to Buy Windshield Repair Tape

Rather than repairing a windshield crack with a resin, another option is to use a windshield repair tape. To find the right product, one must consider where to purchase the item. The best place to buy windshield repair tape is at an automotive supply store.

These stores offer a wide selection of different brands and styles of tape specifically designed for repairing windshields. They come in a variety of sizes and colors, allowing users to pick a tape that matches their car’s exterior. It is also important to look for tapes that are waterproof and strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

The staff at these automotive stores is also knowledgeable about the different types of windshield repair tape and can provide advice on the best product for the job. They can also offer guidance on how to properly install the tape so that it adheres correctly and does not leave any visible marks. This is especially important when the tape is used to repair deep cracks in the windshield.

Paint the Windshield

Painting a windshield is a simple task that can be completed in a few steps. First, the surface should be prepared by applying a primer to ensure the paint adheres properly. Once the primer is applied, the painting process can begin. After the desired paint is applied, the result will be a windshield that is both aesthetically pleasing and protecting from harsh elements.

How to Paint a Windshield

Now that you have the windshield repaired, it’s time to turn your attention to painting the windshield. Painting the windshield can provide many benefits, including a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, as well as improved visibility.

When painting the windshield, it is important to begin by thoroughly cleaning and drying the windshield. This will help to ensure that you get a clean, uniform coat of paint. Once the windshield is clean and dry, you can begin to apply a primer. The primer acts as a base layer and will help to ensure that the paint adheres properly.

Once the primer has been applied, you can begin to apply the paint. Start at the top of the windshield and work your way down. Hold the paintbrush at a slight angle, and make sure to use even strokes. Work in small sections, and use a light touch to avoid leaving brush strokes in the paint. After each section is complete, allow it to dry before moving onto the next section. Once the entire windshield has been painted, allow it to dry completely.

Benefits of Windshield Painting

The transformation of a cracked and damaged windshield into a beautiful and smooth surface is an amazing feat that can be achieved with a little paint. Painting a windshield comes with many benefits, from improving visibility and increasing the structural integrity of the windshield to prolonging its life. All these benefits make windshield painting an attractive option for car owners.

Painting a windshield helps improve visibility, as paint can cover any scratched or cracked areas. This helps reduce glare from the sun or headlights, making it easier for the driver to see. As a result, windshield painting helps to improve the overall safety of the vehicle.

Another benefit of windshield painting is that it helps to protect the windshield from further damage. The paint acts as a protective coating that shields the windshield from dust, dirt, debris, and other elements. This helps to prolong the life of the windshield and keep it looking like new for longer.

Finally, windshield painting can also help to increase the structural integrity of the windshield. By filling in any scratched or cracked areas with paint, it can help to strengthen the windshield and make it more durable. This helps to reduce the risk of the windshield cracking or shattering under pressure.

Overall, painting a windshield comes with many benefits that make it an attractive option for car owners. From improving visibility and increasing structural integrity to prolonging the life of the windshield, windshield painting is an effective and cost-efficient way to keep your vehicle looking its best.

Applying Primer

Painting the windshield requires a few steps to get the job done correctly. One of the most important steps is applying the primer. Applying the primer properly will ensure the paint adheres to the windshield and will help prevent it from peeling off.

The primer is a flexible, two-part epoxy that is applied to the windshield’s glass surface. It is carefully applied in thin layers to ensure it is evenly distributed. It is important to make sure all edges and corners are covered. Once the primer is applied, it must be left to cure for the recommended time, typically about twenty minutes.

Once the primer is applied, it is important to let it dry thoroughly. This will ensure that the paint adheres properly. To do this, allow the primer to sit for about an hour before applying the paint. After the primer is dried, the paint can be applied. This should be done in thin layers to avoid drips and runs, and should be applied in an even fashion. After the paint is applied, it must be left to dry for twenty-four hours before the windshield is ready for use.

Use a Windshield Crack Cover

Installing a windshield crack cover is a simple process that can protect the windshield from further damage. The cover acts as a shield, absorbing the impact of debris and preventing cracks from spreading. Additionally, the cover helps maintain the windshield’s visibility, ensuring optimal safety and a stress-free driving experience.

How to Install Windshield Crack Cover

Now that the windshield has been painted, it’s time to take the next step to protect it: installing a windshield crack cover. Installing a windshield crack cover is an easy and straightforward process.

The first step is to gather the necessary materials. This includes the windshield crack cover, a few rags, a flat-head screwdriver, and some glass cleaner. It’s important to use the glass cleaner and rags to make sure the surface of the windshield is free of dirt and debris.

The next step is to place the windshield crack cover on the windshield. Make sure that the cover is centered and that it is adhered to the windshield securely. It should sit flush with the surface of the windshield. Once the cover is in place, use the flat-head screwdriver to press down on the edges to ensure that it is firmly in place.

After the cover is installed, use the glass cleaner and rags to clean the edges and make sure that it is perfectly smooth. This will ensure that the windshield crack cover lasts for years to come.

Installing a windshield crack cover is an easy way to protect a freshly-painted windshield and help it last for years to come. With a few simple steps, it’s possible to ensure that the windshield stays in perfect condition and that it is protected from any potential cracks.

Benefits of Windshield Crack Covers

Once the windshield is painted, installing a windshield crack cover will provide several benefits to the driver and the vehicle. Windshield crack covers are designed to help protect the windshield from further damage and can help maintain the vehicle’s appearance. The covers are designed to fit snugly against the windshield, creating a seal that helps keep out dirt, debris, and other particles. This helps keep the windshield looking like new.

In addition to protecting the windshield, the cover can also help improve the driver’s visibility. By blocking out harmful UV rays and other light sources, the cover helps reduce glare and keep the driver’s vision clear. The cover can also help reduce wind noise, making driving more comfortable.

Finally, the cover helps to protect the driver’s safety. The cover can help prevent the windshield from shattering in the event of an accident. The cover also helps keep the windshield intact, reducing the risk of injury from flying glass in the event of a crash. By providing additional protection, the cover can help keep the driver and passengers safe.

Benefits of Windshield Crack Cover

Having freshly painted the windshield, the next step is to install a windshield crack cover. But why is this important? Windshield crack covers are beneficial for a number of reasons, the most important of which is that they provide an extra layer of protection. The cover acts as a protective barrier that prevents further damage to the windshield, ensuring that the paint job is preserved for years to come.

Windshield crack covers are also designed to be weather-resistant, meaning they can easily withstand rain, snow, and other elements. This helps to ensure that the cover does not fade or become damaged over time, allowing the windshield to remain in pristine condition for longer. Moreover, these covers are also highly durable and typically last for many years, helping to keep the windshield safe from wear and tear.

Finally, windshield crack covers are also highly affordable, making them an ideal solution for those who are looking to protect their windshields without breaking the bank. As such, they are the perfect way to ensure that the windshield remains in pristine condition and the paint job remains intact for years to come.

Use a Windshield Crack Kit

Using a windshield crack kit can be an easy and cost-effective way to fix chips and cracks in your windshield. The kit typically contains a curing resin that must be carefully applied to the damage to ensure the best results. After the resin has been applied, the glass needs to be exposed to direct sunlight or a UV light in order for it to cure and bond with the surface.

How to Use a Windshield Crack Kit

Making the repair process easier and more reliable, a windshield crack kit offers a great way to fix a damaged windshield. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use a windshield crack kit to make a successful repair.

First, clean the damaged area with a wet cloth to remove dirt and debris. Once the area is clean, dry it off and use a razor blade to scrape away any loose pieces of glass. Next, use a lint-free cloth to apply a windshield cleaning compound, then use a glass polishing compound to remove any scratches on the surface.

Now it’s time to start the repair. Begin by removing the adhesive seal of the windshield crack kit. Place the adhesive seal onto the damaged area and make sure it is firmly attached. Use a vacuum to remove any air bubbles in the adhesive seal. Now, take the injection tube and inject a small amount of the curing resin into the damaged area. Once all the resin has been used, use a razor blade to flatten it across the damaged area. Allow the resin to cure overnight and in the morning, use a razor blade to remove the excess resin.

With the right supplies and a bit of patience, you can make a successful repair using a windshield crack kit.

Benefits of Windshield Crack Kits

The use of a windshield crack kit can provide significant benefits, making it a smart choice for any car owner who wants to have a safe, clear view of the road ahead. From protecting against further damage to providing a cost-effective repair solution, these kits offer a range of advantages.

One of the major benefits of using a windshield crack kit is that it can help to protect against further damage. By quickly and effectively sealing the crack, the kit can help to prevent the crack from spreading or growing longer. This is especially important for drivers who are concerned about the safety of their windshields and want to ensure they are not compromised.

In addition to protecting against further damage, using a windshield crack kit can be a cost-effective repair solution. By covering up the crack, the kit can provide a long-term solution that does not require the expense of a full windshield replacement. This can be a great way to save money and still get the same results.

Overall, using a windshield crack kit can provide a range of benefits. From protecting against further damage to providing a cost-effective solution, these kits can help ensure drivers have a safe, clear view of the road ahead.

Curing resin

As you look to ensure that your windshield crack is properly sealed, the curing resin in the windshield crack kit is essential. This special resin is designed to provide a strong, durable seal that keeps moisture and other debris from entering the crack.

Once you have applied the resin to the crack, it must be allowed time to cure. The curing process is an essential step in ensuring that the resin takes hold and forms a tight seal. Depending on the brand and type of resin, the curing time may vary. Generally, the resin will need to be exposed to direct sunlight for one to three days to ensure it sets properly.

To ensure that the resin fully cured, it is best to inspect the windshield several days after the drying period is complete. If you notice any irregularities or soft spots, you may need to reapply the resin and start the curing process again. With proper application and curing, the resin will create a tight seal that will keep your windshield crack from getting worse and will provide you with the peace of mind that your crack is properly sealed.

Replace the Windshield

Replacing a windshield can be a costly endeavor, yet the benefits may outweigh the cost. Before embarking on this journey, it is important to inspect the windshield thoroughly for any damage, as this could affect the cost of the replacement. Once the inspection is complete, the process of replacing the windshield can begin.

Cost of Replacing a Windshield

Having mended a cracked windshield with a repair kit, it is important to consider if replacing it is a more suitable option. Replacing a windshield can be an expensive endeavor, so it is important to weigh both options and decide which one is best for the situation.

The cost of replacing a windshield can range widely, depending on the size of the windshield, the type of vehicle, and the cost of labor. Smaller windshields typically cost less to replace than larger ones, as they are easier to install. The type of vehicle can also affect the cost; luxury cars may need specialized features that increase the price of the windshield. Additional costs, such as labor, can also affect the total cost of a replacement.

Materials and labor costs can add up quickly when replacing a windshield, making it a costly endeavor. While the initial cost may be high, replacing the windshield can help protect the vehicle in the long term. In addition to having a new windshield, replacing the windshield can also help ensure the safety of the occupants in the car.

Benefits of Replacing a Windshield

Replacing the windshield is the only surefire way to ensure that your vehicle is safe, and that you and your passengers are properly protected from any potential road hazards. Not only can replacing a windshield restore the structural integrity of a vehicle, but it can also provide several aesthetic benefits.

A new windshield will look clean and clear, allowing you to see the road ahead with clarity. It can also provide a cosmetic boost to the overall look of the vehicle, making it look newer and shinier. The installation of a new windshield is an investment that can pay off in the long run, and will last for several years.

Finally, replacing the windshield can provide a sense of security. With a professionally installed windshield, you can rest assured that you and your passengers are protected from any potential road hazards. Additionally, the new windshield can provide an increased level of comfort, knowing that your vehicle is safe and secure.

Inspecting the Windshield

Having taken the necessary steps to repair the windshield using a windshield crack kit, it is essential to inspect the results. Though the crack may appear completely sealed, the windshield will need to be examined further to make sure that it is safe to drive. Ensuring the windshield is free of cracks or damages is essential for the safety of the passengers and the driver.

Using a flashlight or a bright light, the surface needs to be inspected carefully. Take the time to carefully go over the area where the crack had been, making sure to check for any imperfections or bubbles that may have formed during the repair process. It is important to make sure that the adhesive or sealant has been evenly applied and that it has completely filled the gap.

To make sure the windshield is completely safe, it is recommended to have it examined by an experienced window repair technician. A professional will be able to provide an accurate assessment of the windshield’s condition and determine if it needs to be replaced. With the right assessment and repair, the windshield will be able to offer the protection and safety needed while on the road.


No matter the size of the crack in your windshield, there are numerous solutions to hide it. From using a cover, to painting it or even replacing the entire windshield, you can find a way to make it seem like the crack is practically invisible. Taking the time to explore these solutions can help you find the most cost-effective and time-saving option for your situation. With the right solution, you can help to ensure that your windshield is safe and look great for years to come.

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