How To Hide Paper Towel Holder (10 Awesome Ways)

You can easily store the paper towels in the cabinet door back. Install a cabinet to easily reach for the paper towels and ensure it does not hinder you while opening or closing the door.

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Paper towels are mostly in the places there is an absolute need, such as the kitchen or the bathroom.

The paper towel holder has many places to stay in hiding in the kitchen areas.

Paper towels are essential in the kitchen. Use it to clean the countertop as a disposable rag or absorb gunk from foods.

The paper towels are always in extras in the kitchen, which adds convenience to the kitchen.

However, keeping the paper towels out of sight gives a feel of keeping everything in order. Here are a few ways to keep the paper towel holder out of sight.

Hide Paper Towel Holder

10 different ways to hide a paper towel holder

Back of your cabinet door

A paper towel holder hanging on the cabinet door’s backside keeps it in hiding.

You can easily store the paper towels in the cabinet door back.

Install a cabinet to easily reach for the paper towels and ensure it does not hinder you while opening or closing the door.

Roll mounted

There is an advantage of having the paper towel holder in the roll-mounted form.

It does not take much space and fits under the counter. You can have it as a twofold roll-mounted paper towel holder.

It keeps your most important useful item at your hand stretch.

Besides, as it is under the counter, it keeps your countertop clutter-free. It is also not the focal point in the kitchen.


Each kitchen is different. If you lack counter space, add a wall-mounted paper towel holder.

It is the best solution that allows changing the roll easily and is easy to use.

Utilitarian options blend with your kitchen and stay hiding beautifully. It may require some drilling to install the paper towel holder into the wall.

If it is your own house, just go on with drilling. But with rental properties, you may look for a magnetic paper towel holder.

Under the cabinet

Hiding a paper towel holder is the main intention, and when it is under the cabinet means, it is certainly out of sight.

It will require installing screws through the shelf base or the upper cabinet.

Check the holder profile and ensure to hang the paper towel holder such that it is not too low. It will stick out, and there will be more wastage.

Placing under the cabinet need not be a decorative piece, but it should be sturdy.

Customizing within your cabinet

Keeping the paper towel holder out of sight is the fanciest option. It requires customizing your cabinets.

You may get a drawer out and, in that place, install in the drawer space a holder for a paper towel.

It comes with a bonus that you can store paper towel holders in extra rolls in the drawer.

You will never run out of stock or face the embarrassment of having no paper towels.

In the pantry

Placing a paper towel holder hiding keeps the kitchen tidy and organized.

You may place it inside in one of the pantry doors to offer easy and quick access to the paper towels as you need them.

On the stove

Keeping paper towels within reach is convenient, but keeping them in hiding is fun.

Keep the paper towel holder away from the stove edge if you lack a backsplash.

However, if a backsplash exists, place it behind the stove on the countertop a backsplash. In this way, grab a paper towel easily without reaching over hot pans.

On the fridge

Having a stainless-steel fridge is helpful. You may use magnets and attach a paper towel holder.

It saves space, and you can use the strong magnets and stick the paper towel holder to the fridge.

Ensure the magnets are stronger to hold in place the paper towel holder. Another option to place a paper towel holder on the fridge is to use Velcro.

Attaching the Velcro strips to the paper towel holder back and sticking them to the fridge is suitable.

It eliminates the need to drill holes and allows for keeping the paper towel holder hidden in the fridge.

In the sink

A small kitchen does not have enough space on the counter or cabinet. But it has a lot of space to put in the sink. Thus, it will not come in your way.

Mount the paper towel holder on the sink wall. It does not accommodate your valuable counter space, and it is within easy reach.

You may also add adhesive hooks and hang the paper towel holder in the sink.

On the window sill

A suitable option for small kitchens is to place the paper towel holder on the window sill.

It is easy to reach and if your windowsill is deep, set the paper towel holder on the top.

You can screw into the windowsill the holder using long screws or replace them with Command strips.

The paper towel holder will not obstruct the window, as it will take only one edge of the window.

It can be anything, a vertical one or a horizontal paper towel holder. The vertical models fit the windowsill style and space better.

You cannot afford to relocate the paper towel holder each time you want to open or close the window.

Without fail, check there is no hindrance in opening or closing the window by having the paper towel holder in its place.

The horizontal paper towel holders are mostly wall-mounted, so you must be gentle during iteration.

Make a style statement with the paper towel holders by choosing a vintage setup for the windowsill.

Final Thought

Paper towel holders are an important element of any kitchen, and you need not always buy one.

You can also consider various DIY ways to hide a paper towel holder.

As you already are planning to hide the paper towel holder, you may consider other DIY ways, such as using a wire coat hanger, copper pipe, or chain.

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