How To Hide Bifold Door Track (10 Surprising Ways)

Paint the bifold door with a bright new fun color. You may give some aqua color and highlight the door while adding a pop color to the hallway.

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Do you know about bifold doors? The bifold doors are one of the best options for wardrobes. It offers more access to opening them and takes minimal space.

It offers a perfect, finished look.

The tracks are integral to the operation of the bifold door, and it holds the door creating a mechanism offering overall convenience.

Installing bifold doors anywhere in your home is possible.

Hide Bifold Door Track

What Are Bifold Door Tracks?

Bifold door tracks are generally in aluminum and are available as separate pieces. They are not the same hardware as generic doors.

The folding movement is possible as it works on the floor with a pivot bracket and tracks the assembly on the top.

If you are uncertain of the DIY skills, consider the standard opening size.

They are helpful, and at times, the bi-folding door tracks, bottom, and top alignment are not proper.

There will be a need to adjust the rollers, the pins, or both.  

If you are ready for some DIYs, you may not need to settle with boring styles. Sharpen your creativity and leverage it to create on any budget a beautiful home.

However, there are many reasons supporting the need to hide the bifold door track.

different ways to hide bifold door track

Making it cute

The bifold door is a handy addition, yet people love to hide it and keep it a secret.

One attractive option is to paint the bifold door with a bright new fun color.

You may give some aqua color and highlight the door while adding a pop color to the hallway.

Customize with trim

Adding changes is a way of beautifying things and hiding the door track.

The same goes with your bifold door.

Adding a decorative trim fits any room.

Augment your bedroom by replacing the old metal doors with the new bifold flat panel doors.

Stick some beautiful pictures to enhance the look of the door.

Create barn doors

Give a new look and update your laundry with a bifold door, and it will show your creativity in adding double barn doors.

The door track will go unnoticeable. It is time to spruce up the laundry space opening.

Add door casing

It is worth adding a square door casing to cover the bifold door tracks.

You may attach the standard door casing to 1/8inch and reveal the new square casing to 3/4 inch.

It will appear like any regular door trim.

If the door is close to a wall and prevents one side from using the door casing, just cut a small round on one side, but do not skip installing the door casing.

Install a thin panel

Installing a thin panel within the doorframes implies installing the same on the bifold door, and it will hide the door track.

For more assurance, apply the caulk all along the door seams and if you wish, install the casing overlapping the panel.

Finish with drywall

The bifold doorframes can be finished with drywall. On finishing with drywall, wipe it clean to give a finished look.

The door track and frames appear clean, and the artisanship displays around the door.

Install Cove molding

You may cheat the door casing top piece in a bi-fold door track and hide the track by installing cove molding.

It is the place the doorframe and the track meet to cover with a decorative trim piece the track.

It makes the bi-fold door track disappear and looks more finished.

Faux French closet style door

If the existing closet has flat bi-fold doors, you may transform them into French doors, by adding faux shiplap.

It will hide the bifold door track by painting the now French door with awesome colors, such as blue-green. The closet will give a feel of entering some boutique.

Bifold door makeover

Considering a makeover of your old bifold door helps hide the door track. The budget-friendly idea is to paint the door and draw a freehand drawing design.

It will look attractive and go with any design style, giving a modern, clean look.

Add character and style.

The bifold door track is worth camouflaging by adding a beautiful and bold bright coral color. It is to add character and style to the door.

You may include many things such as color, draw your favorite character, or stick a suitable sticker with all the attention on the character and not the door track.

There are a few essential things to know while hiding the bifold door track. To begin with, are:

Removing bifold door track

The door track folding system of a bifold door is always solid. To uplift the door or hide the door track, you need to remove the door away from the tracking.

To do so, remove the bi-fold track system. It is not easy, but it is also not impossible. Snap your door from the track with caution to not damage the door further.

  • The bifold door installation is the key. Some bifold doors are easy to lift out with a bit of force from the bottom.
  • Some bifold doors merely snap out by pressing down the top spring pin-loaded on the top track.

However, if you experience any trouble, check with door experts for assistance, or seek help to use force.

Fixing a bifold door track

A bit complicated process is fixing a bifold door track. The task severity relies on how much the track is intact or damaged.

You may remove the door; make adjustments before reinstalling the door.

Clean the tracks to keep them free from debris, lubricate the mechanism with WD40, or uninstall the track to install a new one.

Beware; a bifold door track’s common flaw: it jumps from the track. It happens when the bi-folding door tracks top, and bottom alignment is not proper.

It requires adjusting the rollers and pins to fix the bifold door track.

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