10 Surprising Ways To Hide Neon Light Cord (Within 5 Min.)

Binder clips are available at all the local stationery stores. You may use those clips to bid the long stretches of neon light cords, wires, or cables. They turn into small bundles and are out of sight.

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In this digital technology age, imagining a home without gadgets is unthinkable. These electronics feature a lot of wires, cords, or cables and a bagger.

Some do not have any problem with the cluttering up of spaces with the wires.

While many others dislike the spread over and wish to get out of sight, it is better when set perfectly and helps, especially if pets and toddlers are at home.

With the Covid 19 pandemic, most of us are lately spending more time at home. More of your effort and time is in just feathering our nests.

You work on redecorating rooms to reorganizing closets.

All your focus and efforts are towards sprucing up your home to spend time in tidy, clean, decorated spaces.

The cord clutter is the most undermining thing that breaks all your efforts to keep things tidy and clean. You can see tangled cords making a mess as it dangles from the back of your furniture.

There are infinite cords visible in most homes. The neon light cords add to this mess of cords, which is a modern problem.

However, the shocking part is many people do not know that neon lights also have cables.

Now, without much ado, here are 10 solutions to hide the neon light cord and ensure they are out of mind and sight.

Some creative and interesting ways of hiding electrical cables, wires, and cords are necessary for a clean and organized home.

Hide Neon Light Cord

10 different ways to hide the neon light cord

Binder clips

Binder clips are available at all the local stationery stores.

You may use those clips to bind the long stretches of neon light cords, wires, or cables. They turn into small bundles and are out of sight.

A Fabric panel

Seeing the cords in a mess lying around each piece of furniture’s legs is annoying. Many times these cords stay beneath the furniture legs and break.

One way to keep them secure is to keep the cords out of sight. You need a few magnets and a bit of fabric. Using a fabric panel is an artful solution.

It is a simple DIY to keep the neon light cords in hiding.

Measure the cord length, cut a heavy fabric piece, and finally, attach the fabric panel to the stand using a few magnets.

There is no need to glue, sew, or install; a simple fix is enough.

Under Rugs

You certainly are looking to hide neon light cords, and the simplest way is to take the cords under rugs.

In this way, the cords hide and run from the wall to the room center and a nearby side table or floor lamp.

Tucking them under a rug is helpful, especially if the rug is thicker. The cords hide and do not look bumpy or lumpy.

With thinner rugs, stacking cord places show slightly with a bump.

Cord hubs

Making cord hubs is one of the best ways of hiding light cords.

There are several cords for each item, such as the router, internet modem, gaming console, surge protector, desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.

Most problematic is storing cords, and now making a cord hub that is a simple basket, cupboard, or drawer is enough.

This basket keeps the cords hidden.

Moreover, they become cord hubs as these drawers or baskets conveniently hold the cords.

They have built-in holes that these problematic cords are now convenient.

Zip Ties

You may bundle cords using zip ties. Visible cords are not a huge task, but they become unruly and a pain to deal with.

The simplest way to stop this chaos is to place a few zip ties and bundle the cords.

These zip ties are available widely and are affordable. Having zip ties, you can keep a bundle of neon light cords or other cords out of sight.

Even if you wish to add more cords to the bundle, you can do it effortlessly.

You may also reconfigure the setup by snipping the old zip tie off and replacing it with a new zip tie.

Adhesive clips and hooks

Many products are available that are useful to hide cables and cords lying scattered. The obvious one is the cord bundler which is helpful in many numbers.

You may use the adhesive clips to keep the kitchen appliances, or gadgets cords tucked away, and the appliances stay tidy.

As they have adhesive clips, you may stick them to the furniture leg and, through them, run the cords. They look neat and are in hiding mode.

Book arrangement

Hiding cable wires along the wall looks neat, as it is not on the floor accumulating dust.

You can hide the cable wires on the wall by stacking books. You may arrange the books systematically, and the wires will pass from behind.

Wooden panel back

In your own house or a rented apartment, wall mounting your TV is one of the greatest options.

Drilling a small hole in the wall allows to fix the wire on it and to reach the TV height.

A wooden panel back helps cover the wire cords right behind your TV. These quick fixes hide your cables and are creative alternatives.

Brick fireplace

Hiding neon light cord or wires is possible over a brick fireplace.

House appliances and heat of high levels are different. The best is to mount the TV at eye level.

You may work around the fireplace by binding the cords, painting the raceway, or creating arts with wires.

If your fireplace is white, use a white cord and attach it to the brick wall.

Top of my desk

The mounting cable trade is a mess. You may keep them organized on the top of your desk.

Invest in cable ties to bundle the cords together, and so keep the monitor and PC cables running on the top of your desk.

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