How To Hide Track Lighting (10 Creative Ways)

Track lighting is less noticeable when placed across the ceiling. It stays in hiding by placing them strategically in certain spots and provides focus as task lighting.

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Track lighting is one of the options for the living room. It is popular for its versatility and functionality.

People wishing to elevate the lighting experience in the living rooms may consider installing a track and pairing it with track heads.

The track heads accent lighting. The track pendants are useful as ambient illumination. Track lighting ideas are suitable for the living room.

Lighting makes a room, and creative lighting design transforms it into a spectacular room. Lighting fixtures are a design element.

Hide Track Lighting

Importance of track lighting

Track lighting illuminates every space, from a dark hallway to a cozy living room. It highlights family photos and beautiful artwork.

There are endless applications, and it fulfills no specific place or function for track lighting.

Track lighting provides illumination for concentrated tasks, creates a mood, and highlights architectural or artwork features.

Track lighting is one of the popular types of indoor lighting fixtures that are showy attention-getters.

However, they are good at performing their job role, track lighting as hidden lighting looks beautiful.

It works in conjunction with an exposed sconce, ceiling, pendant, or chandelier fixtures. Hiding track lighting has its advantages.

10 different ways to hide track lighting

Place with an artwork piece

Strategically place the track lighting in certain spots, such as emphasizing an artwork piece or highlighting an architectural detain, helps work as focused task lighting.

The advantage of placing with an artwork piece is that it becomes unnoticeable.

You can install track lighting as LED strips and the strip above the artwork piece, but behind a recession to give a dramatic look and luxurious lighting effect.

Strategically placing

Track lighting is less noticeable when placed across the ceiling.

It stays in hiding by placing them strategically in certain spots and provides focus as task lighting. It enhances the look of the entire room from its hiding spot.

Match fixture with ceiling

Track lighting is at its best if you try to hide in the ceiling lights. The fixture fitted on the ceiling shows only the trim, and thus it becomes discreet.

If the ceiling color contrasts with the track lighting trim, you will call attention to some hiding features.

Normally, to keep the tracking lighting in hiding, place it blending with the ceiling so that it disappears within the room.

Directional fixtures

Using track lighting as ceiling fixtures is a way of making it apparent. To keep the same in hiding, you may install it in specific areas having a vase or painting.

You may highlight it as a single fixture. Adding track lights close to a portrait or a picture is an effective solution, and you can consider a directional lighting fixture.

The beauty of the track lighting is its adjustable elbow that allows pointing to an object or direction.

In this way, you can highlight the items and keep them hiding, thereby widening the look of a room or hallway.

Crown molding

Fixtures are the common ways of hiding lights. Track lighting is a suitable alternative as it is easy to tuck in various places and is flexible.

Placing it behind a decorative crown molding on the wall gives the lighting a halo in the room, and the light is not visible.

Installing crown molding allows leaving the track lighting hiding, unattached at the top.

You can hold it in place by using support blocks. Doing so will create a trough between the molding and the wall.

Tray ceiling

Installing track lighting in a tray ceiling also is a nice way of hiding track lighting.

Placing the lighting in the tray ceiling inner sides will keep the track lighting out of the display.

It will draw attention and appreciation, adding a three-dimension effect, but it cannot be visible. It is sure to change the sensation and feel even of small rooms.

Create layers

Never have the lighting coming from the same lighting source. Plan the lighting layers from the source and have lighting layers using fixtures of different types.

In this way, you can have it switched on or turn it off as needed.

Think of the fixtures to focus on paintings, cast a glow, highlight design elements, provide light for specific activities and create a mood.

Add a centerpiece

A striking pendant, a crystal chandelier, or a fixed ceiling light can be options.

Adding track lighting is the same as a lighting centerpiece transforming the living room look.

Various furniture elements are grouped to become the entire space’s focal point.

Under false ceiling

A sense of balance is necessary for every room. Ensure there is no dark corner.

Installing track lighting within the false ceiling that it is in hiding is a beautiful way of creating symmetry and having the composition of light in balance.

Create overall glow

Creating a hidden glow with LED strip lights looks effective when placed around the ceiling edge, the window trim, or below the cabinets.

These strips program to throw diffused, soft light in different colors. You can ensure there is light near the steps so that no one misses any step.

Fixing track lighting at the tread base keeps the track lighting in hiding and casts a lovely glow.

In this way, the track lighting stays in hiding and is aesthetic and functional.

Final Thought

Track lighting helps create the right mood. It facilitates lowering the lighting level and ensures the atmosphere is romantic for an intimate dinner.

On the other hand, the lighting level may be bright and vibrant to enjoy a family gathering.

You can also fit light regulators to change the light colors and brightness as you wish in the room.

Add a festive touch with track lighting. However, ensure the lighting is unobtrusive.

It is a perfect way of adding charm and sparkle to a room inexpensively and easily.

Before installing, check the fixture is invisible, and only the light should be out. The aim of hiding track lighting must not go out of mind.

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