How To Hide Wires Behind Tv (10 Creative Ways)

Placing an entire wall cladding behind the TV is an attractive option. Building a stone brick wall and fit it with tiles.

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TV is a compulsory entertainment box found in every house.

The worst is an expensive flat-screen TV or any other TV in the unsightly mess of wires hanging or lying around.

Here are a few easy ways to hide wire behind the TV and eliminate the need to cut into your walls.

How To Hide Wires Behind Tv

10 different ways to hide wires behind tv

Stylish Entertainment Unit

A good solution is to buy a stylish entertainment unit. It will keep the unsightly wires hidden from the display.

The wires get set in the unit’s back panel, and the unit leaves enough space to place your music system, speakers, CDs, DVD player, and more.

You may design the unit to look good and synchronize with the room décor. Customize the storage to fit everything and their wires to hide and stay out of sight.

Wall cladding

Placing an entire wall cladding behind the TV is an attractive option.

Building a stone brick wall and fit it with tiles. It is an attractive way of hiding the wires behind the TV.

The wires may be behind the cladding concealed or keep the tiles portion such that it is easy to remove. In case there are repairs in the future.

A full wall cladding with flexibility in removing the few tiles will be helpful.

Create wall paneling

Use leftover wood and create a wall panel. It can hide the wires of the entertainment box.

The panel should have a hollow space to hold the wires, and it should be clipped at the base. It also should facilitate easy removal.

Paint Raceway

Easiest is to hide wires by painting them. You may organize the wires and hide them in a cable raceway such that it does not lie scattered.

Paint the same color as the wall color. It will blend in, and no one can get a clue until anyone closely inspects it.

On a stand

Place the TV on a stand and not on the wall unit. You can keep the TV above a table.

The wires are in a bunch of shortened with neat clipping on the unit’s backside with a cable raceway. It is ideal for the living room.

The panel behind the TV

Creating a panel two feet wide and covering it with fabric or wood may be appropriate. Ensure to match with suitable room décor.

Mount the TV on the panel. It should be easy to open and find the wires or even reorganize, in case of necessity.

Use Cord clips

A TV sitting on a stand or any table will have its wires spreading and dangling. To keep it in hiding, use cord clips.

They feature an adhesive backing that sticks to the furniture back.

In this way, it damages nothing, and the wires remain safe. Place the wires together using the cord clips and ensure it is at the furniture’s backside.

Use a surge protector to snake the wires. It will keep your cords organized and stop them from tangling up.

A Green solution

Tie or clip together the wires in a cohesive bunch. Place in front some potted plant. It is an attractive way of converting unsightly something into beauty.

In this way, hide the TV wires behind the plants and adore the space.

Cable management box

Use zip ties or cord clips to hide wires. It is the first step to keeping the wires organized. Then, use a cable management box to hide the wires.

It is a small plastic box featuring holes and slits in the box side to allow or add cables from different directions.

You may place the lid and conceal your wires.

Place the box on the top to stay out of reach of pets or children. The cable management boxes come in several colors and sizes.

You may get the right size and different colors to match the room color.

Create art

The next best is to make it look good if there are significantly fewer chances of hiding the wires behind the TV.

You may get creative and ensure the wires are interesting wire art. Clip on the wall to the wires and use the tape.

Convert the wire and paint leaves such that it looks like some wall mural. Also, draw tall buildings, and create an outline of a bamboo garden.

Leave your imagination free and draw that you like to merge the wires behind the TV. It should not appear on display.

Dangling cords quickly disappear if you try the suitable options. You may anchor them to the nearest furniture silhouette.

You may clear the command cord clips that appear at the furniture’s back edges.

You must ensure to press the clips for 30 seconds in-plane, and after an hour, hang it on the hook and allow it to run neatly off your console legs.

Keep a marking of the wires, if they are of many gadgets. You can write on paper and tag the wires to avoid confusion.

Final Thought

People feeling craftier may bring in creativity and crafts to suggest ways to hide the wires behind the TV.

Built-in cord storage Incorporated into the design is suitable for any TV on a stand mount or the table or desk.

You can keep the cables running down the unit back at the middle leg. Recreate the stand using some reclaimed wood.

If not, buy a few wood panels and make a box stand for your entertainment box. Get the essentials down in the leg groove, and it will stay in hiding.

Disguise the charging cords or tuck them neatly under the table or a nearby couch, plug a lamp for lighting and ensure none of the wires is on display.

Most importantly, keep liquids and drinks away from the electrical components.

Tucking wires does not take much time, but check at intervals to see if they are all tucked or need a clipping or to stay in place.

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