10 Awesome Ways To Hide Floor Lamp Cords (Within 5 Min.)

Find some technology-related works or paperwork in your house. It may be anything, a shredder, a scanner, or a printer. These pieces are mostly large. Use the furniture to hide your floor lamp cord to keep the tech pieces.

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”Setting up a game room or home office, you will face tangled, unsightly cords.

Fortunately, a few tricks properly allow your favorite office ideas for your home.

You can keep the space looking neat by tucking away the printers, tv, or lamp wires.

A clever hack is to use decorating ideas to hide floor lamp cords. You can prevent wires from making a room feel tiny and cramped.

The idea is to hide the wires and cords to offer a neutral look.

There are several ways to cover bulky routers and modems to make your living room without a hitch.

You may apply these tricks and fix something to help you put away your cords and conceal them, but stylishly.”

Hide Floor Lamp Cords

10 different ways to hide floor lamp cord

Use Furniture

”There are some technology-related works or paperwork in your house. It may be anything, a shredder, a scanner, or a printer. These pieces are mostly large.

If you are lucky to enjoy a separate home office, you do not wish to have a typical office look. Use the furniture to hide your floor lamp cord to keep the tech pieces.

The home office is not in use daily, so the floor lamp cords behind them stay hidden. Thus, it is your hidden functional office.”

Faux Books

”Nowadays, it is all about technology that techy boxes are available around the house. Whether it is a router box or a TV box, you have boxes. They are sturdy.

Just place them below the bookshelf and make small open spaces to hold decorative artificial flowers.

Behind the books and the boxes, the floor lamp cords will go.

It is an effective and simple idea. Place a variety of colorful flowers and books on the shelf to match the décor.”

A Basket

Use a simple basket to store the floor lamp cords. The basket featuring holes is an ideal solution for letting the cords stay concealed.

These holes also work as a modern peep out, and they go unnoticeable.

Special skirting board

Some special effort is valuable. You may use a special skirting board to hide the floor lamp cords.

You cannot always have furniture exactly in the places you need it.

It is best to include a special skirting board in the back to travel through the pesky wires. It is a simple idea to keep your rooms neat and clean.

A wicker basket

Adding a wicker basket under a TV stand or a desk is simple. You just have to bunch the cords together using a string or a Velcro tie.

It will help the lamp cords stay intact as you string in the back through the basket handles.

Cable clips

If you have electrical items or lamps on the furniture, the wires reaching the plug socket accompany them.

These lamp cords are unsightly if your furniture legs are long.

You can avoid such a situation by using cable clips. These clips stick to the furniture and feature a slot for the wires to stay.

Thus, the wires trailing over the room will be out of your way.

Fake wall visual illusion

It is suitable for people with little DIY skills and is worth trying.

You may use cardboard painted with your wall color to make a fake wall, and it will help hide your lamp cords or load or wires.

You can hide it easily without any cabling. Ensure the wires are hidden away to keep the fake wall visual illusion perfect.

Felt organizers

You may create felt organizers for small cords to hang on. It can be your cell phone charger or telephone cord.

It is a double win game; one is that the cords stay organized, and the next is that the wires are tangle-free.

Zip-tie solutions

Organize the cords underneath neatly together so that it stays in one place. Use a zip tie, and they will not lie around the floor.

You can plug in multiple electronics using a wall-mount surge protector at a time. Even using toilet tissue, empty rolls track all the lamp cords.

However, give it a decorative look by adding some cute color papers to hold your cords in one place.

Command hooks

Use tiny hooks with adhesive to attach to the lamp cords or any furniture. You need not drill holes in the walls to conceal the cords.

You may hide it from others’ views by passing it through the adhesive command hooks.

Wrapping the lamp cords with zip ties or coloring the zip ties to match your walls will blend perfectly.

Dos and Don’ts


  • Anytime you wish to cross your network cabling, it should be at an angle of 90-degree to avoid interference.
  • Use separate colors for cabling to keep the data line convenient and organized.
  • Label the cable for what it is destined for so there is no confusion, and you do not cut the wrong wire.
  • Dress your cabling without cable crossing or diving. Spacing wires ensure a safe bundling device helps organize between racks.
  • Create cable locations map layout to serve as an easy and quick reference to locate cables for replacement or repair.


  • It would be best to run the cables in the wall or ceiling. Ascertain the cables do not run over water pipes, electrical conduit, or touch the ceiling tiles, as it may fail to pass inspection and is unsafe.
  • Avoid running data cables beneath the floor.
  • Cables bound too tightly are not easy to troubleshoot and may be an issue.
  • Kinked cables may have a negative effect and reduce cable quality.
  • Ensure your data center does not have too much cable. It will create excess heat, and it is recommended for the wire racks to stay cool.

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