10 Creative Ways To Hide A Water Cooler (Within 5 Min.)

buy a storage basket and a table. Position the table upside down to place the water cooler. Now, place the storage basket covering the water cooler.

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Drinking water sources and their related utensils are always in the kitchen. It is to the kitchen north that people keep the water cooler.

However, if there is not enough space, placing the water cooler in the east corner is also one of the best choices.

An air-conditioning unit or a water tank always messes with the look of your home. There are ways to get rid of certain imperfections, and the best is to cover them up.

Hide A Water Cooler

10 different ways to hide a water cooler

A storage basket

You can buy a storage basket and a table. Position the table upside down to place the water cooler. Now, place the storage basket covering the water cooler.

On the storage basket, keep a small flowerpot and display houseplants on the water cooler jug. The plants hanging down act as a plant stand.

You can enjoy the cool water, and the décor of your kitchen or dining room is safe.

wooden unit

You can place the water cooler in a wooden unit.

Frame the box to receive enough ventilation and place a door in the front to open and clean the water cooler.

You may place a decorative piece on the wooden unit to beautify the place.

Behind a framed painting

Place the water cooler behind a framed painting or photo. It will hide neatly, and you can mount the wall art to swivel out of it.

Place the framed painting in the utility space and keep the water cooler just behind it. It will stay in hiding.

Behind a wall-mounted cabinet

Placing the water cooler behind a wall-mounted cabinet helps hide it. Ensure the cabinet looks perfect and keep your water cooler just behind it.

Modern designs

Look for water dispensers in modern, sleek designs and give up the blue, bulky plastic container.

You may add some pretty fabric to this sleek-looking water cooler and cover the dispenser.

If you can, match the fabric color to your home. Add creativity by using a quirky enclosure, and it will look like a birdcage.

Within a cabinet

You can clear out a cabinet by removing the door for easy access. If there are shelves in the cabinet, cut or remove the shelves.

Cut using vertical blades to get a straight edge and ensure there is minimal damage to the sides of the cabinet. Paint the cabinet to hide the putty mark, if any.

A simple touch-up is enough. Take the power point behind the cabinet if your water cooler needs a plug point.

Hire an electrician who is comfortable with such works.

Water cooler bottle cover

Look for covers designed specially to keep water fresh. These covers safeguard the water from sunlight and regulate the temperature.

The cover offers protection from accidental damage.

Buy a cover in a neutral color so that it has no negative effect and it will not dampen the aesthetics of your home or office.

In this way, the water cooler does not hide entirely yet is within the cover to some extent.

DIY home décor

An inexpensive way is to consider DIY home décor, which yields good results. The decorating trend can be a beautiful fabric in cotton.

Place dark colors and ensure good décor. As it is a DIY home décor, you can add elastic so that the cover is easy to put and pull and check the refill.

Beads curtain

Hide the water cooler behind the beads curtain. Prepare the beads curtain, ensuring it is colorful.

You can use long, round, and flat colorful beads and a strong string not to rip off. You can add some metal bells or chimes at the end to look more decorative.

Close to your refrigerator

Another suitable place to hide your water cooler is to place it close to your refrigerator.

The water cooler will not be apparent, though you cannot hide it completely.

As the refrigerator is a huge one, placing the water cooler next to it will not come to notice immediately.

Why you need a water cooler:

Summer has started, and having a water cooler allows staying hydrated. A water cooler is necessary for your office or home. 

Water coolers are not for convenience. They are an investment but ensure health benefits. There are reasons to invest in a water cooler:

Environmentally Friendly

The water cooler’s benefit is it reduces the disposable water bottles need. It replaces with a new bottle of water with one single filling.

Choosing your cooler, you can refill a bottle and ensure you do not harm the environment.

The water cooler bottles are environmentally friendly and allow using them repeatedly.


Conveniences come with the water cooler. It becomes more accessible that you can quickly fill a glass of water.

If there are kids at home, they need not seek the help of parents or adults. Kids can fill their cups.

The spouts of the water cooler are within reach and not in the height of the fridge dispenser or kitchen faucet.

It facilitates having temperature control in the water coolers.


Investing in water coolers is helpful for the family and you. Water is easy to drink and accessible.

There is plenty of water to drink, which helps our immunity and health.

You stay hydrated and healthy, as there is access to fresh, pure water. The water coolers offer access to water without additives.

A water cooler allows drinking fresh spring water, and the taste is fantastic, besides being healthy.


  • Having a water cooler means cleaning and sanitizing the water at least once every 6-12 months. Cleaning a water cooler is easy. You may follow the instructions before you begin cleaning the cooler. Ensure to follow necessary precautions.
  • Using a microbiologically safe and known bottled water or tap water source is the best. Always keep the dispenser in a dry place such that it is away from direct sunlight. Never use this dispenser outdoors.

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