How To Hide Printer (5+ Ways)

Having a printer in your home or office is very convenient for printing documents, photos, and more. However, printers can also be bulky, unattractive, and take up valuable space. If you want the functionality of a printer without it being an eyesore, there are several creative ways to hide it.

How To Hide Printer (5+ Ways)

Why Hide Your Printer?

Here are some of the top reasons you may want to hide your printer:

  • Aesthetics: Printers are often bulky plastic devices that can clash with your home or office decor. Hiding it keeps the room looking cleaner and more stylish.
  • Save Space: Printers take up coveted table/desk real estate. Hiding it frees up room for other items.
  • Reduce Clutter & Distractions: A visible printer, with papers spewing out of it, contributes to visual clutter and is distracting.
  • Noise Reduction: Printer noise, like humming or rattling during operation, can be annoying. Hiding it muffles sounds.
  • Keep it Safe: Concealing your printer protects it from potential spills, damage, or curious kids/pets.

Factors to Consider Before Hiding

While hiding your printer has definite perks, there are a few key factors to consider beforehand:

Ventilation & Air Flow

Printers generate heat and need sufficient air circulation. Don’t fully enclose it in tight spaces without ventilation.

Cables & Connectivity

You’ll still need to access printer cables to connect computer devices. Make sure there’s an outlet nearby too.


Consider ease of accessing the printer for loading paper, changing ink/toner, and retrieving prints. Frequently accessed features should be easy to reach.

Size Constraints

Double check that the printer fully fits inside cabinets, under desks or any hiding spaces you have in mind. Measure accurately.

Safety & Stability

Only put printers in sturdy spaces built to support their weight. Use anti-slip pads/mats to prevent shifting. Don’t overload power strips.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can hide your printer much more successfully!

Clever Printer Concealment Ideas

Here are some of our favorite tricks for keeping printers out of sight, but still handy:

1. Inside Cabinets & Cupboards

Install shelves inside existing kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, or storage cupboards to neatly tuck your printer away. This works extremely well for smaller/sleeker printers.

Be sure to measure carefully and test it out first. Ventilation holes in the cabinet doors/sides allow heat to escape. Add self-adhesive rubber feet on the bottom to prevent vibrations and noise.

2. Under Desks & Tables

Slide compact printers under desks, work tables, craft tables, counters, or shelving units. Attach with velcro strips or anti-slip mats to keep in place. This creates a handy print station while concealing most of the printer.

For ventilation, ensure desks/tables have an open back or legs raised several inches above floor level. Drawers can hold paper and supplies.

3. Disguised Furniture

Dedicated printer furniture makes hiding printers very easy. It resembles typical furniture, like a side table, ottoman, cabinet or plant stand, but has a dedicated printer shelf/slot inside. Simply slide your printer in to make it vanish.

Some options even have doors, lifting lids or retractable printer trays. This disguises the printer while keeping it easily accessible.

4. Storage Closets

Turn a spare closet or storage nook into a print center by installing shelving to hold your printer. You can still hang coats or stash other supplies in front of it. Add a stool or step ladder to reach high shelves comfortably.

Install louvred closet doors, or doors with ventilation grilles, for airflow. Built-in lighting also makes accessing the printer more convenient.

5. Converted Bookcase

Bookcases with adjustable shelves make perfect printer hiding spots. Simply remove a shelf and slide your printer inside the cavity, using the back of the bookcase to hide it. Surround with books, decor or supplies to totally conceal.

For larger printers, remove the bottom shelf entirely and place the printer on the floor of the bookcase. You can even install custom printer shelves/drawers inside bookcases for a flush fit.

Printer Hiding Tips & Tricks

Beyond furniture and storage spaces, there are additional clever tips for concealing your printer:

  • Use decorative screens, room dividers or curtains to hide printers in plain sight. Position strategically to block view.
  • Place small printers inside decorative boxes or bins with ventilation holes cut out. Use lids to conceal.
  • Arrange potted plants, piles of books, baskets or decor around the printer to mask it from view.
  • Paint your printer a color similar to walls/furnishings to help it visually blend into the background.
  • For partial concealment, install a narrow printer stand with storage cubbies to obscure lower parts of printer.

And when setting up your hidden printer, be sure to:

  • Keep it close to power outlets to easily plug in. Use cable management clips to control cords.
  • Funnel cables neatly through holes in furniture to keep things tidy.
  • Use industrial strength velcro or anti-slip mats to secure printers in cabinets so they don’t shift around.
  • Test for ventilation by running several print jobs with doors closed. Open if too hot.
  • Print a test page to tray to ensure you can reach printer properly in concealed spot. Adjust if needed.

With some creative thinking and strategic setup, you can easily keep your printer out of sight!

FAQs About Hiding Printers

Still have some questions about successfully concealing your printer? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Is hiding my printer bad for ventilation?

It can be, which is why proper air circulation is crucial. Avoid tightly enclosing printers, leave backings open in furniture, drill ventilation holes, and/or use louvred doors. Monitor temperature to ensure no overheating. Consider lower-heat laser printers.

Do I need to use my printer often to hide it?

Not necessarily. Even infrequently used printers can be hidden. Just position in an accessible spot that’s easy to pull out from when needed, like under a collapsible work table or inside a rolling cabinet.

What’s the best way to hide printer cables?

Use cable sleeves or clips to neatly bundle cables against walls or furniture edges. For total concealment, funnel cables through small holes drilled in furniture backs/bottoms leading to your printer cavity.

Is it safe to elevate my printer on a high shelf?

Yes, with proper precautions. Ensure shelves are designed to hold printer’s full weight. Install guard rails, anti-slip mats and fasten securely to prevent edge slipping. Consider earthquake safety as well for shelving units.

Can I store paper inside concealed printer furniture?

Yes, many options have dedicated paper storage nooks and drawers built right in for easy access. Or use neighboring cabinets, shelves and desk drawers to stash paper. Just make sure you have sufficient paper source nearby.

Hiding your printer is very doable with some creative concealment furniture, strategic placement and simple modifications. Just be sure to prioritize ventilation, accessibility, safety and utility when going about it. With a little work, you can make your printer vanish!

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